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International day of Happiness

P4 enjoyed sharing their jokes today to celebrate the international day of happiness. Here are some of our jokes:


Amina- What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No eye-deer


Clara- Why do cows have bells?

Because their horns don’t work.


Kanyarat- Why didn’t anyone give Elsa the balloon?

Because she’ll let it go.


Alexander- What do you call a person with no body and no nose?

Nobody nose


Anwen- Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Doctor who?


Mairi- knock knock

Whos there?


Cash who?

I always knew you were a type of nut!

P4 Update- February onwards.

Throughout the school we have been learning to write instructions. We tested out the Primary Seven instructions to see if we could follow them.We attempted to use paper-craft to create a book with only the help of the finished step by step guides. It made us think about how detailed we need to be when we are writing our own instructions.


Congratulations to Clara and Suffi who are currently showcasing work in the Royal Mile Primary School. These pieces of art were voted as winners by out Art Representatives and were revealed at the Grand opening in February. They will stay up throughout the year.








We have been learning about time. To start off this unit of work we revisited our previous learning and ahd a think about what we wanted to achieve. We discussed that we were keen to explore the local area to look for clocks, take apart clocks to see how they work and to use real bus timetables to learn about time.

IMG_4005 IMG_3997IMG_3994

We celebrated (belated) world book day. We brought in our favourite stories and presented a talk to the class. We created an art project linked to a story we have been reading together for you to see at parents evening. We created our own mythical creatures to add to a book of Fantastic Beasts.



P4 Burns Day

On Friday we participated in a Robert Burns themed day. We had the chance to take part in a variety of cross-curricular activities. Throughout the school there was traditional Scottish dancing, food tasting, poetry writing, portrait drawing using charcoal and creating collages.

Enjoy looking through some of the work we created in our slideshow below.

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P4 Term 2 Literacy Homework Master Copy

A new grid for term 2 literacy homework has been sent home. This works in a similar way to the grid in term 1.

One side contains activities that you can use to practise your spelling words for the week. Please write the date that you have completed each activity to ensure all are covered throughout the term.

The reading side of the sheet has changed. This is because in term 2 we focus on comprehension. On a Monday, there will be a chance to choose a book from the school library. Please select 3 questions and answer these in your jotter. Books should be returned on a Thursday.

Please click below to download a hard copy if you have lost yours: