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WOW Wednesday Primary 2

Welcome again to



line of stars

House Point Certificates

This week House Point Certificates went out to…

Aaniya, Natalia, Xavier, Doruk and Lynda


Well done!

Shout outs for online working:

Shout outs to:

Xavier, Doruk, Ilgin, Theo, Gumana, Omer, Ateeqeh and Lynda

for being busy online on Education City or Active Learn (or both!) this week.


Shout outs for sharing work:

So to start with, we look at some top tips from Lynda for staying healthy! What a great list for Health Week.

Thank you for the reminder that we need Vitamin D too, Lynda!

Natalia shared her Monday tasks from Health Week with us and what lovely windmills you made! There was some super dressing up and stretching, too!

Happy poem in Spanishwatering plantsorigami windmills

We had some super work on number bonds, measure and fractions from Natalia too. It is good to keep practising our number bonds and number facts. It is also good to keep trying to measure carefully. Fractions can be super tricky! Well done Natalia!


WELL DONE to those who have gotten House Certificates or other Shout outs for their work!


I am continuing to add House Points and will let Mrs Jessop know when you have filled up your card.
Please keep showing me the things you have been up to, especially for Health Week! Show me the things you are proud of doing and things you want me to see and are happy to share. Don’t be afraid to comment on the blog or to share work on our class Twitter if you prefer those ways to stay in touch.

Stay safe and continue to be kind to each other!

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward

Happy Children’s Day!

In Poland it is a very special day today. We celebrate Children’s Day on 1 June.

On this occasion I would like to wish you all at Royal Mile Primary (because we are all children, no matter how old we are) 🙂

A very Happy Children’s Day.

May you have a fun-filled life!

Picture2              Picture4

Look after yourself

Mrs Machowiak

P2 Home Learning Grid 1st June

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Health Week, the weather was certainly with us! Please do continue to show me what you’re up to.

Today is ‘Say Something Nice‘ Day! Mrs Speedie could do with our help to get as many nice words from the whole school as she can!

It would be lovely if you could find Happy Words in your home language and make posters, drawings, photos etc about your Happy Words. You can also tell us what the words mean in your home language and why they make you or others happy.
It can be a compliment, or a word that reminds you of happy days, family times, lovely thoughts etc.
You can use your home language, a language that you or anybody in your family speak or are learning, and of course you can also use English, Spanish or Gaelic words.

My word is ‘iontach‘. It means ‘wonderful‘ in Irish.  It reminds me of home as I might hear someone say: Tá sé iontach!It is wonderful!

Please find attached the Learning Grid for this week  and Mrs Speedie’s ‘Family Task for Say Something Nice Day’ below.  As a reminder for our grids – please only do what you feel you can do. If you have any feedback  (or questions) on the grid or the tasks, I would love to hear from you.
PDF format: 1.6 first-level-home-learning P2
Word format: 1.6 first-level-home-learning P2
Mrs Speedie’s Grid: Family task for Say Something Nice Day

Additional items from the grid:
An Amazing Creature 2 mild

Useful links:

Please do keep in touch via this blog, the class Twitter, or the admin email and please do share what you are working on, even if it isn’t something on the home learning grid.

Tá súil agam go mbeidh lá iontach agaibh! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Mrs Aylward


Wednesday Challenge


Our challenge today comes from Mrs Peoples. She needs us to help with some work for the new P1 pupils .


The nursery children have been encouraged to take part in the Edinburgh Bear Hunt as part of their transition work. One of the activities they are to complete is the Cosmic Kids yoga linked to the story – It would be great if the older boys and girls could join in too, you can find it here – Remember to share pictures with us!