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This Week in Primary 2 12th-16th October

As we come up to our first proper holiday week in Primary 2 we were working hard on our buildings as part of Our Community topic! Last week we had thought about the jobs people could have and made some stick people and this week we thought about the sort of buildings around us and what sort of buildings we could make ourselves. We thought about the design of the building itself and the furniture and other things inside our chosen building. We thought about the types of materials we might need for our ideas and you should have seen the fruits of our efforts already.

In Literacy we focused on our sounds and tricky words work this week. You can practise oi spellings here and oy spellings here. Below are some of the other activities we did with our sounds. We are working hard to use our sounds to spell our words with them and to know what any words we are using mean.

In our maths work, we continued looking at properties of shapes and started looking at symmetry. We looked at curved and flat faces on shapes and continued to name and identify properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects. Some people found the shape symmetry trickier while others found the pattern symmetry choice trickier.

Having a real look at curved and straight faces in our 3D objects alongside some games naming our 3D objects and looking for properties in our 2D shapes.

This was our last week with Mr Reid from Active Schools and we went out to Holyrood park!
(pictures to come – please do come look back later!)

Finally, a big shout out and thank you to everyone in Primary 2 for working so well from August until this October holiday!

Mrs B and Mrs Aylward look forward to seeing you back in school on the 27th of October!

Have a lovely holiday! Make sure to have fun!

P2 Homework 12th October

General Reminders

As we move into the October holidays, winter is fast approaching. We will continue to have open windows in our classroom for airflow so warm clothing in general is a must. We are not requiring that your child changes into a P.E. kit currently but please ensure your child has warm cloths on days we have P.E. and any P.E. kits that are in use may contain a change of clothes as required. Please do consider appropriate foot wear (trainers are better for running than pumps), leg wear (such as joggers over shorts) and tops (long sleeved t-shirts over vests and a warm jumper for taking outside). A good raincoat should always come into school even where the weather doesn’t look like rain is likely.

To go along side this, water bottles should contain WATER, not juice, fizzy drinks or diluting juices. Your child will be using their water bottle to drink during class times and water is the only option for the duration of a school day. Any special drinks cartons may be had at lunch time and milk is offered at milk and snack time for those children on our milk list.

General homework for 12th October 2020

Literacy – There is a task for your child’s tricky words (either a word-writing practise or sentence writing task) and a task for writing and finding oi and oy words.
Please remember to use no more than 2 pages in the jotter for this task – it was wonderful seeing everyone’s work and effort and thank you all for working to stick to using only 2 pages!
Maths – There is a homework for Counting or Comparing, Ordering and Sequencing on Education City to practise direction and movement.
Reading – Reading books will NOT go home this week due to the October break but please check your child’s Active Learn account on Thursday for Top Jobs, an information e-book about some fantastic jobs people can have. We have been talking about jobs as part of Our Community topic so feel free to discuss this book or any job questions they have with them!

Snack – Just 1 healthy item Please!!

At the moment, pupils are eating their snack after play time in the classroom. In previous years, pupils would eat their snack outside during morning break-time. This keeps our classrooms tidy. Break-time lasts 15 minutes and we want most of this time to be playing, rather than eating.

To help your child prepare for this return, please can you make sure your child has one item for snack that they would be able to carry outside with them. This should ideally be one an item of fruit and something they can eat quickly. Thank you! 😊

Apples, oranges or bananas — which fruit is nutritionally the best? | The  Star

Profile Jotter Week in Primary 2

In Profile Jotter week we have continued to work with 2D shapes and 3D objects, writing their names and using their properties (the linked game requires flash) such as ‘sides‘, ‘edges‘ and the tricky ‘vertices‘ for 3D objects in particular. We talked about the shapes we could see and gave clues to each other to try and find the shape we were thinking of and we made some models using different 3D objects!

We have been working to write our ideas down more this week and reviewed ‘Class Two at the Zoo‘, ‘Who’s Our New Teacher?‘ and ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!‘. We also thought about ‘Should school uniforms be banned?‘ as a question for our Big Writing. We had a range of thoughts and ideas on this. Some children thought that we should ban school uniforms and other children disagreed and we discussed why each side thought that way.

We continued to work to use our sounds, oo (here are some games for practising this pattern) and ew (and here are some games for this pattern) and tricky words (saw, he, me)

We continued with Our Community work, finding location on a map of our playground and thinking about the jobs people have. In P.E. we continue to work on ball skills and are beginning to think more about attacking and defending roles in team games.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mrs Aylward

Primary 2 Homework Packs and Homework 5th October

This week your child will come home with a plastic folder containing their homework. You will find a literacy jotter in a poly-pocket with your child’s log-in information on the inside of the jotter. Your child’s spelling tasks should be written in the jotters, please do not use more than 2 pages when doing this work. Please keep the jotter and the poly-pocket together to aid us in transferring the jotter from the folder when the spelling work is due back in by Thursday.

Reading books will start to go home this week on Thursday to be returned by Monday. This should help to reinforce reading already done in school that week. We will be unable to issue your child another reading book if these do not return and this could cause a delay in other children being able to access these as there will be a quarantine period on their return.

On weeks before a holiday, reading books will not go home that week (such as next week) but there may be other online books assigned. As ever please do check the blog to be kept up-to-date.

Care of items sent home

Due to current circumstances, always wash your hands before opening any jotters or books at home. Please also put your books or jotters away as soon as possible when you have finished working with them.

If you lose the plastic folder or homework materials sent home, please do be aware there is a replacement cost involved which the office will inform you of should this circumstance arise.

General homework for 5th October 2020

Literacy – There is a task for your child’s tricky words (either a practise or sentence writing task) and a task for writing and finding oo and ew words.
Maths – There is a homework for Direction on Education City to practise direction and movement.
Reading – check your child’s reading jotter for any comments and add your own comments about their reading with their current book.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send a note or an email. Have a lovely evening!

Mrs Aylward