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May highlights in P1/2


Just a few things we have been up to…

drama games with the untitled

Interactive whiteboard games to practise th

various spelling games (hangman, in-jumbling, etc.) to consolidate tricky words

making the most of the untitledand enjoying athletics on our playground!

Science show – day and night


sequencing numbers and playing games to 20


After lots of experimenting we managed to collaboratively build a step th


Busy checking for symmetrical shapes!


P1/2’s Ancient Egypt adventure!

th We had an amazing time in the National Museum of Scotland! We found out loads about Ancient Egypt and managed to complete the trail. Within our challenge we saw 2 coffins and a th!

We learnt about customs associated with afterlife

IMG_5985 and had a close look at gravestones and some objects that were put in coffins such as a perfume bottle and a make up palette. We enjoyed solving a riddle about the crocodile god of the Nile and worked hard on drawing the lion head of a goddess. It was interesting to see the toga of a wealthy Egyptian.IMG_5990



P1/2 noticed two important statues in front of the museum too!

William Henry Playfair          and         William Chambers

What a lovely morning!

thank-you-no-text-animatedvery much to our super parent helpers too!



Hello April!


Thank you for popping in!

Look at our fabulous contributions from home to finish off our space topic: thROC040RT
Our vegetables are already growing. Hopefully we will be able to harvest radish and lettuce before the end of term.

P1/2 are starting a new social studies topic:

We are planning a trip to the museum of Scotland on Chamber Street on
Monday, 20th April 9.30-12.15!

Please let Ms.Brunner know if you’d like to join us!

We are also starting to learn more about fractions, untitled
• Understanding what half means
• Creating and identifying half of a shape
• Finding half of a number
• Describe and record a half in a variety of different ways and
• Locate it on a number line

and Symmetry thS7X34YYW

• Making symmetrical patterns with different materials
• Making our own symmetrical pictures and recognize when a shape or pattern is symmetrical

P1/2 are going to practise some untitledroutines in PE this term.

(i.e.: ceilidh dance and German song)

thNH7QYDUD Please don’t hesitate to speak to Ms.Brunner anytime if you have any questions or concerns!