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Literacy in P3

P3 have been working really hard on their grammar and poetry writing this week. We had a table challenge to come up with as many verbs as we could in 5 minutes!


Well done yellow table!

Today, we were looking at writing our own poems in the style of limericks. We worked together to create a class one first! We hope you find it as funny as we did!



Interfaith Fair P3

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Interfaith Learning Fair! P3 were proud to show and explain their work on Hindu Deities and the story of Diwali!


The story of Diwali


Our display and story puppet!


Hindu Deities


Termly Overview P3


Termly Overview P3

Session: 2017-2018                                                    Class: P3

Term:       2                                                   Teacher: Miss Kerr

Contribution to the Ethos and Life of the School as a Community

Thursday 1st February

Day to celebrate faiths. Following RME focus week. Visitors welcome, information to follow.


Wednesday 7th February

Internet safety day. P3/4 9am.


Friday 9th February

Art Gallery Opening. Information to follow.


Thursday 22nd March

Parent consultations.




Swimming-please ensure your child brings a swimming costume, towel and a swimming hat (these can be purchased for £1 from the school office).


Outdoor learning within local area. Please come in suitable footwear/ jackets.


Visiting Edinburgh Tartan Weaving Mill and local monuments as part of interdisciplinary studies.

Curricular Areas / Main Focus

Languages & Literacy:


–          Letters

–          Openers, format, connectives.

–          Poems/ rhyming

–          Note writing/ Summarising

–          Find & use features of good writing,

Throughout: Up-levelling vocabulary. Using a wider range of punctuation such as commas, exclamation marks and question marks. Using different connectives and openers. Exploring different layouts/formats-commas, headings and paragraphs.


–          Reading for information -highlighting key words and summarising key information.

–          Recognise features of fiction and non-fiction.

–          Distinguish between fact and opinion.

–          Engaging with a class novel.

–          Literacy Evolve

–          Soft c and g, compound words, -ing, -ed.

Throughout: Blooms higher order questioning skills. Decoding skills. Able to comment on use of language. Exploring and discussing themes and ideas.

Mathematics & Numeracy:

–          Multiply/Divide-tables, multiples

–          Money and Finance

–          Money (Add/subtract)

–          Time

Throughout: times tables, doubling/halving, place value, enterprise and maths in the world.

Health & Wellbeing:

–          Respect Yourself


–          Water cycle

–          Energy

–          Electricity

Social Studies:

–          Textiles and tartans

–          Local monuments


–          Conservation

–          Research using technology

Expressive Arts:

–          Music-pulse, rhyming, pitch – exploring through singing games

–          Different styles of dance

–          Something from home – Art Gallery

–          Mosaics


–          Gymnastics, dance and fitness

Religious & Moral Education:

–          World religions-stories and traditions. .

Interdisciplinary Projects and Studies – Cross Cutting Themes


–          Tartans and Textiles

–          Edinburgh Monuments


Opportunities for Personal Achievement

–          Star of the week/ Class achievements

–          Art Gallery

–          John Byrne Art competition

–          P3 Showcase Assembly

Homework workshop

Thank you again for all who were able to attend our reading and phonics homework workshops.It was great to see so many parents in class. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch .

Remember next week is the last of our sessions and we will be looking at Maths homework .

Look forward to seeing you there .