Intervention Groups

At Royal Mile Primary school, we want to make sure that all our children do as well as they can and achieve their full potential. The main way we achieve this is through providing quality first teaching day to day in the classroom, which caters for the varying needs of the children in the class.

Sometimes, an intervention may be necessary to further support a child’s development within a particular area of the curriculum or to help them develop their social skills or self confidence and self esteem. As a school, we utilise a range of specific interventions for the core subjects of Literacy and Mathematics and also for communication and pastoral care. These interventions may be one to one or in small groups.

Children are identified for intervention using a range of methods that include data tracking, (attainment and progress), teacher assessment, classroom observation and informal observations of the children in the classroom and in the playground.

It is important to note that children identified for intervention are not always lower attaining children. Children are identified across a range of groups and are selected when teaching staff and senior leaders believe they have the capacity for further or accelerated progress at a given point.

If your child is identified to work in one of our specific intervention programmes, you will be made aware of this by the class teacher and will be given an update on the impact of the intervention during parents evening. We may also invite your child to work as a supportive peer or role model in an intervention group, you would also be informed of this.