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Wednesday Challenge


Our challenge today comes from Mrs Peoples. She needs us to help with some work for the new P1 pupils .


The nursery children have been encouraged to take part in the Edinburgh Bear Hunt as part of their transition work. One of the activities they are to complete is the Cosmic Kids yoga linked to the story – It would be great if the older boys and girls could join in too, you can find it here – Remember to share pictures with us!

WOW Wednesday

Congratulations to our P5 star of the week, Rachele.

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Some WOW work from the week. Enjoy having a browse. Many of you are getting really close to your next house certificate, keep up the hard work!

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Well done everyone! Keep in touch.the simpsons my text posts GIF


Health Week Ideas

Amelie and her mum have  kindly shared some of the things she has been doing to keep busy.

Scottish opera have an online production called Fever! Kids join in and learn the parts, make props etc. It has activities an info about viruses and the immune system too. It is for ages 8-12


Amelie likes Cosmic Kids yoga on you tube. It has stories to link the yoga poses so suitable for younger/all ages


We have been doing an acro balance class. (We will try to get a photo but it is hard to take pictures with Amelie balanced on me!) There is a book called Jack’s acrobatics by Rika Taeymans that has moves for a child and grown-up to do together.


Cook Stars franchise have free cookalong videos on Facebook just now. I think they put new ones up twice a week (some are healthier than others!)