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Primary 5 Update

First off a massive thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend our showcase assembly! Also a huge thank you to all those who continue to help and encourage the children with their homework. The standard is still very high and the vast majority of children are able managing to complete their home learning each week.

Attached is a copy of the plan for this term including our topics of Africa and the Water Cycle.

T2 organiser for parents

Mr McPheely

Homework 18th September 2018

Due to the Monday holiday there will be no maths or reading homework this week. However, children should learn the following words with the ‘ed’ suffix.

  • kicked
  • washed
  • hugged
  • dropped
  • leaped
  • sprinted
  • waved
  • dragged
  • walked
  • smiled

Please complete one of the activities from the spelling grid and cross it off when done.

There are also activities on the ‘classwork’ section of education city under ‘spelling- ing and ed’ to further support this.

Primary 5 Outdoor Learning

Primary 5 have had lots of fun taking their learning outdoors.

Last Monday the children had the exciting opportunity to see what life was like thousands of years ago in Holyrood Park. They all bacame trainee druids and learnt how to live off the land. They met a hunter, a farmer and even a roman! The children also had the opportunity to create their own celtic artifacts!

Homework 3/9/18


Children will be working on the ‘ur’ and ‘ure’ sounds this week. They should learn the words listed below and complete one of the spelling activities from the spelling grid. This should be ticked off when complete.


  • burn
  • turn
  • curl
  • hurt
  • nurse
  • purse
  • church
  • measure
  • treasure
  • adventure.


Children should continue reading a book of their choice at home. They should ensure that they are recording the book that they are reading at the front of the reading journal. Children should also comeplete the character activity; drawing a picture of the character and then describing them in the thought bubbles. If the children are reading non-fiction then they can use facts in the bubbles instead.


Children have been asigned activities on Education City. They should be familair with their logins. If internet is not availible at home then children will be able to complete these activities during silent reading time throughout the week.

So far I have been very impressed with the standard and quality of the homework in Primary 5 and a massive thank you to those at home who help and support the children in their learning.



Homework 27/8/17


Children should remember to complete the log in the front of their reading journal. This should show what book they are reading and a comment about it. This could be something that they have enjoyed or a favourite character. They should also complete the second activity, the very grid. This asks children to fill the grid with verbs that they have found in their books, including any adverbs e.g. the children ran quickly, where ran is the verb and quickly is the adverb.


This weeks spelling words focus on the ‘ask’ and ‘ast’ siffixes. Children should complete a spelling activity from the spelling grids and tick it off when complete.

  • ask
  • flask
  • fast
  • cast
  • past
  • vast
  • mask
  • last
  • blast
  • enthusiast


Children have all stuck a worksheet into their jotters. For the first grid the children should try to find as many number bond pairs to 20 as possible. They should colour the grid, using a different colour for each pair. If they run out of colours then they can number them or write the pairs out on the next page of their jotters.

The second grid requires them to do the same, only with number bonds to 100.