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Sharing our Success

Thank you to Mairi who shared some of what she has been doing at home. She has created a word search using her spelling words and has been preparing a presentation on Eva Perón for as part of our South America focus study.  This is a fantastic example of the independent learning going on at home and it is lovely to see what you are getting up to.

Remember any examples of work you would like to share can be shared with me either by emailing or tweeting @RoyalMileP6.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

All the best!

Mr McPheely

Happy Easter Holidays!

Sweet wrappings_quiz


Hello there 🙂

It is the last day of term and I have prepared very special quiz for you!

Can you guess what sweets did I use to make the “Happy Easter Holidays” sign?

Have a go and let me know!

Missing you all…a lot!

Mrs Machowiak



Introducing the Primary 6 Twitter page. This will give parents and children another way to interact with me and keep connected to each other.

If you are looking for something additional to keep you busy during the holidays it would be great if you could design more interesting profile picture for the account! They can be emailed to or tweeted directly to the Twitter account.

Mr McPheely


Further information from Mrs Jessop can be found below:

Dear Parents/ Carers and pupils, to help us keep in touch we are setting up a class Twitter page. The age limit is 13 on Twitter so it is important that parents and carers monitor and oversee the communication on this account. The account will be private and monitored during school hours only. It is important that your child stays safe on line so here is some information for you.


If we have photo permission for the school website and blog we will apply this to this Twitter account as well. The code of conduct applies so everyone should be polite, considerate and respectful. It is a good way for you to share what you have been doing and for us to keep in touch.

You can also follow the school Twitter account @royalmileps

The Twitter accounts are linked to the Blog as well so you can see these posts as well.

Our first challenge is for you to design us a Profile Picture for the account!

Thank you
Mrs Jessop



Sharing Our Success

Thank you to Anwen for sharing some of the learning that she has been doing from home. I’m sure she isn’t the only one who is enjoying learning in her pyjamas!

Please remember to send some examples of what you have been learning and doing at home to so that we can continue to share our success.

All the best and stay safe.

Mr McPheely