Welcome to Royal Mile Primary School and Nursery website. 

Royal Mile Primary School is an inner-city school in the heart of Edinburgh. We pride ourselves on the diversity within our school community.  Overall, our classrooms are well resourced, we have an inspiring library with an extensive genre, multi-purpose room that host music tuition, social and communication groups etc.

The school is situated on the Royal Mile in the heart of the old town providing us with a range of modern and historical opportunities to enhance learning experiences for our learners. We are keen to develop outdoor learning using this space and will consider how best we can build up sustainable environment options. At Royal Mile Primary School, the dedicated staff are committed to providing students with a broad and practical learning experience. Teaching staff are keen to take on leadership roles that involve whole school initiatives. We aim to continue to implement technologies across all stages, community engagement and improved learning that meet the needs of students in the 21st century.

The school works closely to build on home-school-community partnerships. Community engagement builds on the strong foundations of Literacy and Numeracy at Royal Mile and are a priority for our school. We have formed strong partnerships with Canongate Youth, Holyrood Palace, Scottish Poetry Centre. Our school wishes to strengthen our community of learners to maximise the participation of all stakeholders – students, families and the wider community and promote our school as a centre of excellence, opportunity and inclusion. At Royal Mile Primary we have used a range of data to focus on improvement through Self-Evaluation. Information gathered from feedback across the school community is used to help inform improvement planning as well as data from assessment. Termly learning, teaching and assessment meetings take place between SLT, class teachers and support staff using standardised assessments and professional judgements which help identify priorities to take forward and to identify learners who may require targeted support.  All staff participate in an annual performance conversations to identify opportunities for career long professional learning linked to our school priorities. Observations and sharing classroom practice are used to identify and share effective teaching and learning across our school.