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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday, where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week. This week in nursery, we are continuing with our people who help us theme. Over the week, we have been discussing who we can go to for help and what each emergency service does.

The children have been taking part in lots of art activities such as designing and researching different fire engines, police cars and ambulances and discussing what should be in our first aid bags/boxes.

The children have been enjoying our makeshift dentist, we have been discussing why we brush our teeth, wash when to brush them, who helps us look after them and what tools they use. We have our Dental Nurse visiting on Monday and to support us in this topic.We also have a few other people who help us coming to visit the playroom in the next few weeks!

Some of the children went to Dunbar’s close to practice the sports day races and look at the beautiful flowers. Some children also walked all the way through Prince’s Street gardens; looking at the different shops, admiring the statues, looking at the trains, rolling down the hill and had so much fun playing in the park.

Today we will be going to support the school children at their sports day! We hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday! Please post pictures on the learning journals of all the fun you get up to!

Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week! This week we have started to explore people who help us; we have been talking about who we contact in emergencies, who can take care of us and keep us safe and how we contact them. We took a trip up to see the Police station and talked about what the police do and all the different types of police vehicles we could see. Some of the children were inspired to draw excellent pictures of police cars and fire engines and had lots of fun playing with the small world police station.

We have been very interested in how to keep our teeth clean and have been enjoying role-playing in our own dental surgery. We explored the best methods of brushing our teeth and what equipment dentists use and wear to be hygienic. We also enjoyed role-playing as hairdressers and explored what steps are involved and what tools are used in a hair cut.

We helped to make some delicious fairy cakes for snack and have been enjoying building our fine motor skills with a fruit and vegetable threading activity. We have been making lots of colourful patterns with hamma beads and doing some beautiful bright paintings in the art area.

Thank you to the families who helped us celebrate Eid last week, we enjoyed the delicious food, fun dancing and experiencing the celebrations with the school and families! Eid Mubarak to all who celebrated!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and please post some pictures of what you get up to at home on the Learning Journals. We love to see all the fun you have out of nursery!