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Chinese New Year & Burns Supper.


This month in the Nursery we have been learning about Chinese New Year and Burns Supper. We have been making lots of lovely food in our Chinese restaurant and took a walk to St Giles Cathedral with our primary 5 buddy’s to see 400 lanterns! We have also shared some haggis with our grownups. A piper even came and played for us! Thank you to everyone who came. 


October in the Nursery

Autumn walks and collecting leaves. 




Celebrating Halloween! 

A Very Busy Term!

We at the Royal Mile Primary School Nursery have been very busy this term.

We have been learning about life cycles; particularly frogs and butterflies. We had caterpillars in the nursery and had fun watching them change and grow until it was time to set them free in our garden.

We have also been talking a lot about the story of “The Grufallo!” We have learned the story almost from heart and have been acting it out with puppets. We even made “Grufallo Crumble” for snack! We used rhubarb from the nursery garden to do this. Another story we have enjoyed learning is “The Three Little Pigs”. We dressed up as the Big Bad Wolf and made our own straw houses.

We recently had our nursery sports day – it was lots of fun practicing all of the different games and races!

We have been enjoying getting out and about in our local community. We have been on walks to Dumbiedykes Park, Holyrood Pond, Tesco and even a big trip to Gorgie Farm where we got to meet lots of interesting animals!

Finally, we’ve been going on lots of visits to the “Big School” with our preschoolers in preparation for school – we will miss them very much and wish them all the best for the future!

Mini Beasts & Gardening

Spring is almost here! We have been using the nicer weather to our advantage and making some improvements to our nursery garden and outdoor play area.

We have been helping to weed the garden and set up our new wormery. This has led to the discovery of lots of different creepy crawlies and sparked an interest in mini beasts and insects. So far we have found millipedes, woodlice, worms, caterpillars and grubs hiding in our soil and plants. We have also been collecting things to compost in our wormery and helping to set up their new home.

We are looking to develop our loose parts play and have requested that parents/guardians bring in anything useful they may have lying around at home. The kinds of things we are looking for are:

  • Natural resources.
  • Building materials, tools, planks, nails, etc.
  • Scrap materials such as old tyres, guttering off cuts.
  • Household items e.g old pot lids, kitchen roll tubes, cable ties.
Loose parts is a good way of encouraging imaginative and cooperative play, as well as physical.
We would be very grateful for any donations and thank you in advance. 🙂