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P5 News and Spelling Homework

Primary 5 had another short week last week but we still managed to get lots of work done. On Tuesday we started planning and making our invitations to our Pop-up Cafe to launch our soup packets for the Social Enterprise project. Copies of The Big Issue arrived in school with our article about the Social Enterprise project and each member of the Royal Mile Planters will be taking a copy home shortly and we hope to sell the rest of our copies to families and friends. We have been playing team games and developing our gymnastic skills in PE. We are hoping that the weather stays dry so that we can be outdoors at the end of the day to maintain the planters and have some well deserved team games.

On Wednesday we, once again, shared our learning time with our Nursery buddies and we acted out Going on a Bear Hunt, helping our Nursery buddies to squelch through mud, swish through the grass and run away from the Bear in the cave.

I have attached the Spelling Homework for this week and the maths and reading comprehension will be sent in the homework bags on Monday. All homework should be sent back on Friday for self correction and discussion. Please can I also remind you to send in a change of clothes for PE and I would be grateful if water bottles could be brought to school with just water as it is now quite warm in the classroom. Thank you fro your support.

Up until the end of term our focus on the Mental Agility Rainbow will be multiplication and division and I will be sending out more information about this in the following weeks. I am hoping to link this to some homework that will involve the children coming up with some activities that can be used in class and suggested to and used in other classes. So P5 will need to get their mental agility thinking heads on an share some ideas for this area of their mental agility.

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P5 Term 3 2022-2023 Overview

Please find attached the overview for P5 for the last term of this session. I cannot believe how quickly the year has passed but in P5 we are in for a busy term ahead. I would be grateful if you could please remember to provide a change of clothes for PE even if it is an old t-shirt as it is now getting hot inside and outside. Also I would encourage all of the class to bring a water bottle due to the start of the hot weather and the class being quite warm. I have also attached the Rainbow Mental Maths Challenges sheet for you to try at home. This month’s challenge is Indigo: Addition and Subtraction. Thank you once again for your support and if your have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards Mrs Leslie

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P5 News and Home Learning w/b 15th May 2023

Last week in Primary 5 we continued our project on Japan and started to build an idea of the history of the country and compare it to Scotland and other countries that we know about. We will be continuing to look at the history of Japan up to the modern day this week coming and start to compare the culture and traditions with our cultures and traditions. In Maths we have been focusing on time and subtraction and we will continue looking at these areas over the next few weeks. In Literacy we are building on our reading detective skills by predicting what is happening next from the text we are reading.

We continue to work on our Social Enterprise project and have been out in the playground weeding and sorting our vegetable planters. We will be sending out a overview of the times and events taking place in P5 shortly so that we are able to keep track of all the things we will be undertaking in P5 over the coming weeks.

On Thursday we had a fun P5 activity day and shared our outdoor experience with P5 at Preston Street. In the morning we went den building and had outdoor games in Holyrood Park. After a lovely lunch in the Park we made our way to the Crags, where we had three activities over the afternoon. We all had a chance to take part and to play football or climb the traverse wall, dance and a coached basketball session.

Home Learning this week will be sent out in the bags on Monday and should be returned completed on Friday for discussion and self correction. This week’s comprehension will be a report format with questions and there will be spelling sheet and maths. Thank you for your support in this matter.

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P5 News and Home Learning W/B 8th May 2023

Last Week, although a short week it was fun packed to celebrate the Coronation. Primary 5 joined Primary 2 and 6 to have a great Coronation tea party with juice and cake served by Primary 6. We designed our flags for the Royal Mile Primary School flagpole and chose Victoria’s to represent our class. Primary 5 send congratulations to Alfie, P2 for a great winning design. On Wednesday we continued with our Social Enterprise project and Japanese topic which are both gathering in pace and giving us lots of information to discuss and work on. We also made our Coronation Crowns to wear at the tea party.

On Thursday we had PE and it is good to see some of the class bringing a change of PE kit. On Friday we took part in the Coronation Celebration Fun Event, it was a great morning with Bouncy castles, Diddie cars, Whack a Mole and some sweet treats. As you will see from the pictures we had an exciting and brilliant time. Primary 5 would like to thank Mrs Robertson for organising and finding funding for two great events.

Due to last week being only two and half days home learning was not issued but it will take place this week. Home Learning will be taking place this week and will be issued tomorrow to be returned to school on Friday for discussion and self correction. Please find attached a copy of the Home Learning and as usual thank you for your continuing support in this valuable area of sharing the class’s learning. Regards Mrs Leslie

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P5 Home Learning and News w/b 24th April 2023

What a great week we had last week and we finished it with a fun assembly delivered by P4. Primary 5 enjoyed the Kahoot quiz set by P4, well done P4! We were able to work on our Social Enterprise project and have nearly finished our letters to the local shops and our neighbours in the Royal Mile asking for support and help with our project. We were also able to do more planting.

Please remember this is the last week for swimming at Abbeyhill Primary School so please remember your swimming hat, towel and costume. This week we will be having a visit from our Nursery buddies and our focus for writing will be our formal letters and travel writing based on new topic- Japan.

Home learning will be, once again this week, spelling, reading comprehension and maths. It should be returned on Friday for self correction and discussion. I t was great to see that many of the class had attempted the spicy and hot challenges and many of the class had done more than one spelling challenge. Keep going you are all doing a great job.