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Homework w/b 3.10.22

Please find attached the homework sheet for Week beginning 3.10.22, I give you a hard copy. There are a choice of 2 tasks, pick which one you would like to do and return it to school next Monday, the other task can be done for homework week commencing 10th October 2022 and returned on the first day back after the October week. You may be using the same book or have got a new one from the library. Enjoy the reading and task.

Regards, Mrs Leslie

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P5 News 20.09.22

Great week in P5. We went to the Talbort Rice Gallery for a workshop on the exhibition by contemporary artist Celine Conderelli entitled After Work. The children used their senses to experience the art, looking at the displays and listening to the sounds.

In maths we started Direction and Co-ordinates this week by looking at compasses and the language of direction. P5 will be covering this area of maths for the next four weeks and it will be linked to the outdoor work that they were undertaking with Preston Street School.

Just to remind you that Reading homework will be due in school on Monday and books can be exchanged for a different one in the library or can be sent home to continue the reading. I hope that you have enjoyed sharing reading with your child. I will send out a copy of the next reading activity on Monday when we have discussed this week’s homework in class.

Regards Mrs Leslie

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Homework Monday 26th September

On Monday 26th September P5 will start to have reading homework sent home with a reading homework task. P5 reading homework will be a book from the library/book box chosen by your child and sent home to read for enjoyment during the week. We are also attaching a reading homework task for the children to undertake during the week and a hard copy of this will be in the school bag with their book or you can download the attachment. The task and the book will be brought back to school the following Monday to either be swapped for a different book or to be continued to be read for homework and another task will be sent home on the Monday. In class on Mondays, during library time we will have the opportunity to share and discuss the books that have been read and will have an opportunity to look at the homework that has been done.

Included in the homework task this week will be a sheet for each child to record the names of the books they have read and taken home, a copy will also be kept in school, and a task to review what they can learn from the cover of their book.

For you at home it is an opportunity to share a book that your child has chosen and to discuss with them why they have picked that book or to talk about what the book is about. It is a great way to share your child’s learning and reading experience.

My only request in providing books to read for pleasure and to support learning at home is that the books sent home are returned to school so that all the children can have a chance to read the books that are provided. Thank you and happy reading!

Regards, Mrs Leslie

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P5 Weekly News

P5 spent the day in Holyrood Park on Tuesday 20th September learning about what life was like in the park 2000 years ago. In the morning P5 were apprentice Druids and wore tunics that would have been worn by the Iron Age and Celts who lived in the surrounding land. P5 walked through the park with their Druid teachers and were shown what different plants and trees were used for 2000 years ago. They also met a Roman soldier who they traded goods with and a local farmer who they traded their herbal remedies with for grain.

In the afternoon P5 attended workshops and made amulets, clay pots and learnt to make fences using willow. P5 also looked at the different food that was caught and eaten 2000 years ago and had an opportunity to grind their own flour using two methods of milling the grains. They were able to look at the different animals that were hunted and how they were used in the Celts, Romans and Iron Age daily life. P5 had a brilliant day organised by the Park Rangers and send them a big thank you.

Here are some of the Iron Age, Celts and Romans P5 met and traded with.

P5 Learning about the healing properties of different plants
Learning about the food 2000 years ago and grinding the grain to make flour
Making amulets
Trading with the Hunter
Making mini fences
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P5 Term Ahead

It has been a busy week in P5, with Home Learning Monday and Tuesday and then on our return on Wednesday we had our next joint outdoor activity with Preston Street P5. It was a great morning and the sun shone in the Park for us. The classes took part in Orienteering activities and Team Games working co-operatively and making new friends.

I have attached the Term 1 overview to allow you to see what is taking place in P5’s learning in the term ahead. I have also attached a copy of Parent and Carers leaflet and the Home Activity Leaflet for Unit 4 of our Health and Wellbeing. This session Unit 4 covers Challenging Our Mindset through classroom discussion and activities. We hope that you will be able to talk your children about a Growth Mindset and what it means to them.

Please find below P5 Term Ahead, Unit 4 Challenge Your Mindset Parent and Carers letter and Home Activity Letter.