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RSHP Week Commencing 10th May- What is a friend?

In this block of activities, children will explore friendship and will be encouraged to think about what they would want from a friend and what kind of friend they can be. The children will explore the positive impact of friendship, as well as some of the challenges that come up in managing relationships. Children can worry about friendships, and there can be fall-outs and arguments between the children. We want to create a class where there is a positive atmosphere and where children get on. We want children to be able to manage the ups and downs of friendships. We will be helping children understand that they do not need to be best friends with everyone, but they can be friendly and kind. As many of the children will be online and may be interacting with people online we will also look at why and how an online friendship may be different from a friend you know and meet at school or out playing. If you have any concerns about your child’s relationships and friendships, please do talk with us at school.

You can explore the resources being used in the lesson via the link below.

Primary 2 Week in Review

Firstly a big warm welcome back to everyone this week! Wow, it’s already heading to summer.

Please do check that P.E. kits and suitable outdoor clothing is coming into school. As the weather becomes warmer, water bottles will prove even more invaluable.

Due to Bikeability starting up on Thursday afternoons, we are going to shift our main P.E. slot from that time. Having voted between a couple of options we will move this slot to Mondays.


We continued with ‘soft c’ patterns this week with ‘nce’ as found in once or chance. We continued to practise writing and thinking about the meanings of the words and we played one of the games below though some of us were excited about trying out some of the other free games on this word list:


On our first day back we had a go at making some ‘stained glass’ window crafts using tissue paper and black sugar paper which will have gone home this week.


We have been working on our number skills and laying out answers for questions this week. We used some Level 1 work from to work with.

It was so lovely to see everyone and get back into the swing of things. Please do check out the blog for homework on Monday and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you!