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Science week fun in P6

Look how exciting


has been:

learning about the human body:

connection between

+ colours, water and paper towel as well as

coloured water celery and flowers:

connections between handwashing and growing mould:

connections between yeast and temperature:

Did you know:

What temperature should yeast be at C?

It’s important to note that, when mixing the yeast with water, the temperature shouldn’t be too high or it will kill the yeast. The optimum temperature is 38C/100F.

Connection between Coca-Cola and mentos spearmint:

We hope you come back soon to check out this year’s

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Happy New Year Primary 4!

I hope you had a great break and everyone is ready for the new term!

This term our learners in Primary 4 will also be provided with some Maths home learning apart from the weekly library book and the task with it.

Please, do not feel that there is any pressure for this to be completed all in one day or during the weekend, as said on previous posts on this matter, just complete the tasks when it suits best, as every household has different circumstances.

The first Maths home learning grid for this term will be to reinforce the Mental Agility from last term, numbers before and after. This is an opportunity to build up the confidence in this area that links to skip counting, subtraction and addition!

Keep an eye on the blog for future events or important dates!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Dominguez.