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SEAL Support and Information Sharing for Families


It was great to see so many parents and carers at the information session on Wednesday 6th November. I hope you found it helpful and you left with lots of ideas about how to support and encourage your child at home.

Even if you were unable to attend, I hope you might get some ideas about some activities and games useful to consolidate learning from these pictures of ideas we talked about on the day!

Please don’t hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher or Ms.Brunner if you have any questions or concerns.

Support with homework in school is available at a drop in session on Wednesday lunchtimes and at Canongate Youth Project fro P3 – P7 on Wednesday evenings.

Please let us know if you would like other support and information sessions for maths or any other area of the curriculum!

Please use the form below or email   THANK YOU



Maths Week


Everyone at Royal Mile Primary School has been busy creating their class page for our Maths Week Booklet!

This year’s challenge is to go to as many places as possible in our booklet!
Prove that you were there (photo, receipt, more facts) and collect 1 house point for each place you went to!

Click the link below to download the booklet and read all about it!

Maths Week Booklet 2019

Happy Holidays!



Literacy in Primary 1

Hello Everyone,

Here is an overview of a week of Literacy learning in Primary 1.

reading bag photo

On Monday we interview each other about what we have done at the weekend. Once we have all chosen our favourite memory, we draw a picture. Pupils will then either attempt to write a caption or I or Mrs B will write a sentence for them to copy. Every time we write we have a personal target to work on. All writers need editors, including J. K. Rowling and myself!

Reading groups are then called out to receive their homework bags packed with a new book, new homework sheet, ring with new letters/tricky words and reading record with any notes in for the group to focus on. Groups read every day except Fridays.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we learn new letters. We learn the sounds of the letters, so that we can ‘sound out’ words. This video shows how we teach pupils to blend letters to make words. You may wish to try this at home with the letters from the letter rings. Each letter has an action to go with the sound. We like to use the Jolly Phonics songs to help us.

Some pupils will then work on remembering the sound and action, some will work on their handwriting and some may use magnetic letters to spell CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g cat, dig, pet).

Tricky words are words that cannot be ‘sounded out’ such as I, to, the & no. Here is the video we use in class Tricky Words Video.

The reading homework sheet, which is paired with the reading book, is due to be returned on Thursdays. This is so that it can be marked to check comprehension, then the new books, letters and sheets can be prepared for the following Monday.

book box book bookmark

If you predict any issues in returning homework, have any questions or something you wish to share, feel free to pop a note in the Reading Record as it is checked daily.


As the homework bags are kept at school from Thursday to Monday, you may wish to keep the Numeracy Home Learning Wall at home.

On Fridays we visit the book box (our mini library). All pupils have taken home a book from the book box and should have a bookmark to help identify this book. Pupils can bring in any book from home to swap (not just the one they chose the previous week).

On Fridays some groups focus on remembering the letter sounds and formations, and some write CVC words containing the new letters learnt that week.

Throughout the week we read lots of stories. After break we listen to a class story. After lunch pupils choose a book to read by themselves or in pairs and we read a story at the end of the day before we go home. Sometimes we look out for punctuation. We like to do Kung Fu Punctuation!

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes, Miss Copeland.

Term 1 Learning Overview

Dear Family and Friends,

I am happy to share with you Primary 1’s Term 1 Learning Overview.

You can download and view the document by pressing Primary 1 Term 1 Learning Overview.

It is a Microsoft Word document so should be easily opened on most devices.

Term 1 last from August until December.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best wishes, Miss Copeland

Welcome to Primary 1!

Primary 1 handprintsHello!

What a busy start of the year we have had!

We have been working on learning 6 very important letters, a t p n i s. We can make lots of words with just these 6 letters.


We have introduced Kung Fu Punctuation. This is where we do a sound/action whenever we read a punctuation mark. So far we have introduced capital letters and full stops and even seen three together, which is called an ellipsis. This video gives you an idea of what we do in class. We have also been trying to spot the tricky word the. The is a tricky word because you can’t sound out each letter to help you, we just have to learn it by sight. This video has a catchy tricky words song!

In numeracy we have been writing, counting, identifying, making, showing on our hands, building, combining AND reordering numbers to 10! We are making sure that we have a really good understanding of these numbers before we explore bigger numbers.


Thank you to those who attended the home learning sessions, I hope they were of use to you. We have started reading in class and these folders will be coming home to you with instructions soon. We will also be sending the children home with personalised logins for some educational websites which we have subscriptions to, however while we get this sorted, you may wish to explore the following websites for Numeracy and Literacy games.




Presently, Primary 1 are doing PE on a Tuesday and Outdoor Learning on a Thursday. Outdoor learning involves going on walks and exploring the local area, including Holyrood Park. We go outside come rain or shine so please could I ask for your support in ensuring your child wears weather appropriate clothing. Pupils should always bring a coat to school, even if it is warm, just in case the weather changes.

Hoping to see lots of you at our FREE school social this Thursday 12th September. We have already started learning our ceilidh dance. Get the tickets before they’re gone!