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Learning Journals Log in

Learning journals - Log in button

Learning journals are a way for you to keep updated on the progress of your child.  You can see how they are progressing and the different things we are learning in class.

Everyone has unique log in details.  If you have lost them please ask at the office.  They can reissue them to you.

Please also feel welcome to add comments to the journals!

Here is a handy shortcut to the learning journals log in page.

Learning journals - Log in button

Seasonal Show

Hello everyone.

Our “Seasonal Show” will be on 19th December at 1345 in the school gym hall.  It will last for approximately 25 minutes.

The P1s, P2s and P3s have all been working very hard this week learning their speaking parts and the lyrics to the songs we will be singing.

For us in Primary 1 this will be an exciting period for us.  We are learning new songs and getting together with other classes to develop our school community spirit.

I have added a copy of the lyrics here ——-> Seasonal Show song lyrics.

I would ask that, if possible, you could practise with your children so that they are confident with them.

Thank you,

Mr Madine and the Primary 1 team


Book Bugs

Hello all!

We have a very special Book Bug event in class on Tuesday 5th December at 1:45.  Parents, grandparents and guardians are all invited to attend.

During this time we will be doing some fun activities, listening to a story and getting a special bag containing some free books and other goodies.

While we understand that not everyone will be able to attend we would be delighted if you could join us for it.

Thank you,

Mr Madine and the Primary 1 class

Education City

All of the boys and girls in the Primary 1 class now have their Education City usernames and passwords.  We have waited longer than other classes on this because there is a lot going on in Primary 1.  We are very careful about doing, and giving, too much too soon.


Some instructions

  1. Go to the website (
  2. Click the blue “Login” button in the top right hand corner.
  3. Use your unique username and password to access the site.
  4. On the left hand side under the title “My features” you will see another link called “Classwork“.  This “Classwork” link has 2 folders.  The folder called “Primary 1 Mr Madine” is the correct one for our class.
  5. In this folder you will find games and activities to play.


  • Some games can be played on a phone / tablet.   They’ll have a blue symbol on the picture.
  • The monster picture (avatar) can be changed by clicking on it.
  • Feel free to explore other areas of the website but it is important to understand that there will be a lot of it that is not relevant for us.  We’re only P1 after all!
  • All of the games and activities in “Classwork” are related to things we have been learning in class.

If you have any questions, or have lost your username and / or password, please ask.  They are easily replaced.

Thank you,

Mr Madine