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Thank you P1!

P1 Word CloudDear Primary 1,

It is the end of the school year, but your journey is just beginning! When you come back, you will be a Primary 2 pupil. How exciting! Thank you for joining our school, for the smiles and the adventures, but mostly thank you for being you!

Big thumbs up,

Miss Copeland

Let’s look a back on our year together



Winnie the Pooh

Support for Families

Advice about Finances and Benefits

CHAI -Community Help and Advice Inititiative can answer questions about housing, benefits and other issues. Their website is and their telephone numbers are 0131 1009/2100 or 0131 453 6410.

City Of Edinburgh Council Webpage

By clicking on the yellow coronavirus banner you can access information about many different services.

Support for You Section on the City Of Edinburgh Council’s Webpage has supports for staying active and mental health as well

NSPCC Support for Young People

You may have seen our Virtual Assembly on Facebook for P4-7, featuring special appearances from Ant & Dec and David Walliams– it can be viewed on Facebook here This complements our face to face assembly and could be great starting point for some learning and support for children.

The Contacting Childline video embedded in the film can be viewed separately here 

This week we have launched β€˜The Buddy Zone’ linked specifically to the Childline Under 12’s page, some details below;

On all of the class blogs and Head Teachers Blog, as well as the Twitter feeds (@royalmileps) you will find links to activities and virtual outings, to zoos, the botanical gardens etc. that you can use throughout the summer. (If you enjoyed the zoo why not go again?)

Active Schools Virtual Clubs and Activities and @ActiveschoolsED you can find virtual summer sports clubs and fun challenges you can do at home.

Happy Holidays from Mrs Aylward

Oreo pic

Yay! I am so happy to meet Oreo!

We will have to think about doing something nice together to show you all when we get back!

I wish you all a fantastic summer holiday and am excited to see you all in Primary 2!

Please do look out for Miss Copeland’s post later on!

Mrs Aylward

Happy Holidays!

Dear Parents and Carers, young people and families,

I cannot believe the end of session has arrived. It has certainly been a strange last term for everyone and we have all had to find new ways to work together and stay connected.

We are still waiting for the final decision about August but please be assured that we have plans, contingency plans and contingency contingency plans all worked out so that we can send you information as soon as we are advised by City of Edinburgh to do so. It is important to follow the guidance as we take the route map out of lockdown and listen to reports in the news and particularly check the CEC website.

A big thank you to all the staff at Royal Mile, school and Nursery, for their commitment and dedication to keeping everyone busy with great learning activities and some opportunities for fun!

Thank you to the office team, who have helped keep communication moving, delivered food parcels and ipads, queued at post offices and maintained a cheerful disposition!

Thank you to all the families at Royal Mile who have supported the school and helped their children to engage with learning. For all the email messages, blog comments and photographs that have made us smile and feel connected, thank you.

This evening I will be saying farewell to Primary 7 and wishing them all the best at High School, thanks to CYP and Zoom.

Then tomorrow I will be in school to finish off a few office jobs and take a last walk round. In August it will look very different without the scaffold and the builders.

In the meantime, please stay safe and well. Enjoy the sunshine and take care.

Mrs Jessop

Our final Wednesday!

Hello everyone and welcome to our final…


Today I thought we would have a look back at all the wonderful learning you have sent in from home. Letter hunts, painting, cooking, making, drawing, walking looking and playing; what wonderful ways to learn! You have all done fantastically


⭐ I hope you enjoyed our virtual zoo trip yesterday! Can you guess who this is? ⭐

Jack 6.23.

⭐ Jack has been super busy this week, including doing some brilliant writing about his virtual trip to Edinburgh Zoo! Well done, Jack! ⭐

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

⭐ For those of you who have finally been able to see your grannies and grandads and uncles and aunties, I hope you have had a fabulous time! ⭐

Frankie 6.19.

Check back on Friday for our final post before summer!

⭐ Stay safe superstars! ⭐

Big thumbs up, Miss Copeland and Oreo