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Edinburgh Science Festival

From Primary 1 to Primary 7 including ESB 1 and 2, I think it is safe to say that the Edinburgh Science Festival was a huge hit! Take a look at all of the exciting, engaging and extraordinary activities!

If you would like to have more fun, see the brochure below.

Have a lovely Easter!

Primary 1 Blog

The BIG Easter Post!

It has been a very busy term for us! Here are some of the things we have been up to…

Maths – Data Handling

We have been collecting data and displaying it as Pictographs.

Pictographs need…

  • Title
  • Key
  • Pictures! (data)

We used sticky notes to represent each person in the class. We can now use the pictograph to write statements.

  • Pink is the most popular colour.
  • Yellow is the least popular colour.
  • There were 13 children in the class.
  • Two more children chose green than yellow.
  • three less children chose orange than pink.

We enjoyed playing the game below, which displays the data as a pictograph. Click the image or link to play

Some children played a trickier game –


We have been using our fingers to support subtraction/take away. Sometimes we call this ‘counting back’. This means that we start at a number and we count backwards until we find the difference.

Below is a helpful image to explain how we do this.

Addition games

Cranborne Primary School EYFS on Twitter: "Make your own adding machine!" / Twitter

You could also try and make an adding machine at home!


Through the Scottish RSHP programme we learn the names for the body parts including penis and vulva. This is important so we all have same vocabulary for if things are hurting or if they need to share information with us. We also learn the NSPCC’s PANTS rule.

PANTS stands for…
Privates are private.
Always remember your body belongs to you.
No means no.
Talk about secrets that upset you.
Speak up, someone can help.

Through discussing this, we aim to teach our pupils the following…

  • Consent and your child’s right to say no regarding their body.
  • Who your child can turn to if they ever feel upset or worried.

“Pants cover up your private parts”
“Pants cover up your vulva”
“Pants cover up your penis”
“You can go in a private place so nobody sees your private parts if you need a wee”
“We close the door when we go to the toilet”
“Someone might need to ask to see it if it is hurting but they have to ask”

If you would like to know more about the NSPCC’s campaign, more information can be found at If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Art Gallery

For our first frame we have focused on still life.
We listened to the poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth and thought about the shapes and colours we see in daffodils.

  • Draw/paint only what you see
  • Use suitable colours
  • Use the space available
  • Keep looking and add details

Here is the finished frame with the art pieces selected anonymously by the after school cleaners!

Our second frame was a collaborative piece. Everyone was invited to add something that reminds them of Spring

  • Lola – Hill and flowers
  • Aiden – Waterfall, pond and tadpoles
  • Sidrah – Rainbow
  • Eddie – Sun
  • Loai – Flowers
  • Clay – Daffodoils
  • Zoe – Cherry blossom tree
  • Sarah – Flowers and ladybird
  • Mustapha – Butterfly (blue wings)
  • Mohamed – Bees
  • Yasmine – Butterfly and tree with red flowers
  • Jana – Three stem flowers (purple and orange)
  • Daniel – Crocuses

Caption Writing

Pysanky Eggs

Primary 1’s Class Assembly

On 24th March, we spoke, sang and danced our hearts out, showcasing all of our knowledge and skills all about our topic The Body. From gymnastics balances to talking about our senses, singing in English and Spanish and dancing at the same time! Well done, Primary 1!


After learning about our senses, P1 learnt about how people whom have impairments can be supported. From hearing aids for the deaf to wheel chairs for people with movement difficulties.
We created our names using gems to be able to touch what our name would feel like in Braille!


We have been learning about how the police catch criminals. We looked at footprints and fingerprints and how fingerprints are unique to us!


We know it is important to wash our hands but this experiment proved why soap is an important step in washing hands – you cannot ‘wash’ your hands with just water!

Edinburgh Science Festival

WOW! We had SO much fun exploring the different activities. We watched some science magic, learnt about renewable energy and created our own wind turbines, and then created cool houses in the imagination playground!

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Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel!

Starting from Monday 20th until Friday 31st, Royal Mile Primary School will be participating in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel competition. This is a UK wide initiative to help all of us keep active and fit by walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling to school so that we reduce car journeys, improve air quality and help the environment. Research shows that the more active we are, the more alert and energised we will be – ready for our learning.

We hope all the children can work together to help the school win some fantastic prizes. Thank you in advance to all the parents who will be supporting us.

More information can be found on the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel website where you can also see a full list of the prizes.

Let’s all get ready for some active journeys to school next week!

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British Science Week Launch

Hello! It is Friday 10th March and the LAUNCH of British Science Week. This year the theme is…

What comes to mind when you think about ‘connections‘?

We have been making Connections with STEM organisations and events such as…

Primary 6 and 7 visited Dynamic Earth on Thursday for their STEM Careers Day.

Generation Science will be visiting on Monday to deliver an assembly to everyone

Pupils from Primary 1-7 will be visiting the City Art Centre on either 27, 28 or 29th March to get hands on with the Edinburgh Science Festival

Have a little prediction about what exciting activities you’ll be getting stuck in to but for now have a peek at British Science Week’s…

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

If you’re keen to get started now, join TheDadLab‘s live video of extracting DNA from a strawberry. The video goes live at 2pm today!

Primary 1 Blog

Friday 3rd March – P1

Building Resilience – Get Active

Recognising how to recharge your batteries is one way to build resilience. Taking the time to be active can help you feel good. Primary 1 enjoy playing in the park, swimming, using scooters and bikes and running!

Block Play

We are becoming increasingly confident with using height in our play! Can you spot the gym, DJ and house?

World Book Day

This year we dressed up as adjectives. Colours, appearance, personality, physical attributes are all adjectives!

Did you know that there is a grammar rule that explains adjectives should only be used in a certain order?
That is why the red, round, big ball sounds wrong and the big round red ball sounds right!

Buddy Reading

The buddies worked together to make their own reading dens! Primary 6 read to Primary 1 and Primary 1 also read to Primary 6!

Reading together should:
• Improve confidence in reading aloud and develop questioning skills.
• Develop nurturing and leadership skills in older pupils through the
opportunity to act as role models.
• Develop a love of reading in all individuals involved.
• Enable all pupils to participate regardless of learning ability, allowing less
confident pupils to shine.
• Encourage friendships between younger and older pupils and aid school

Writing our own books

Writing a book is a long process that involves lots of different stages. This week we have…

  • Created our own character and used adjectives to describe them
  • Created a setting
  • create a climax or ‘thumbs down’ section as we call it
  • decide on a solution and end – or as we call it – the ‘thumbs up’ end!
  • choose a story opener e.g one day, early one morning, one dark and gloomy night
  • Decided on a title

Next week we will be using all of our notes to create the book including an ‘about the author’ section and price/barcode, stay tuned!