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Assembly 22nd April 2021

Welcome to this week’s Assembly. Although we don’t have any stars of the week – we do have some amazing superstars all working hard to achieve their JASS Awards!

I also need to say that PRIMARY 1 have impressed the school office staff immensely with their lining up and quiet walking so they get to use the BLOCK PLAY in the undercroft this week! Enjoy!

Next week we’ll be finding out who has won the House Cup for April 2021 and I am looking forward to writing all the GREEN names on the Roll of Honour in the open area – hoping my pen runs out of ink because there are so many!

Enjoy assembly!

Welcome to Term 3 P1!

Hello, I’m so excited to have you all back!
Let’s have a quick flick through what we were looking at in the last week of term 2.

Water topic – plants

We were encouraged to break the flowers that Miss Copeland brought in! We used our curiosity skills to inspect all of the different parts of the flowers. We then compared flowers to see if they had the same parts.

We know that all plants need: air, soil, light and water. We have been taking care of our seeds and took them home on the last day of term to nurture over the Easter Holidays.

House Corner Fun

Miss Copeland had received many many hand written invitations in the final week inviting her to watch a show in the house corner. She finally managed to find time on the last day to sit and be entertained by the amazing skills and talents of Primary 1! Bravo!


We designed and created 3 beautiful Easter cards to be given away to friends and family. Inside you may have noticed the fantastic handwriting Primary 1 have been putting into practise. We had to be super careful and resilient, especially when doing the card below, where we used pens to add detail to our finger prints!

Health and Well-being: Feelings – Proud

Proud: It is a good feeling that you can have when you or someone else has tried very very hard and has achieved something. We enjoy celebrating our own and others’ successes in Primary 1! Take a look below at some of the answers the class offered when we discussed this word.

March Monthly Page

Here is our monthly class newsletter. You can see that we have a new universal format. Check out the other class pages to see what they have been learning.

I wonder what you will achieve this term to make you feel

Week Beginning 19.4.21


  • Education City – Please take some time this week to look at the homework and classwork sections on to check you are up to date.
  • Reading – Reading books and homework will go home on Thursday as per normal. Please return the folder on Monday. You can read a range of stage books for free on the Oxford Old eBook Library.

To view this week’s learning, click below.

Have a great week!
Miss Copeland, Mrs B and Mrs McGlashan

Royal Mile Primary School Art Gallery 2021

Welcome to the virtual Royal Mile Primary School Art Gallery of 2021.

All the classes and their Art Reps have been working really hard over the past 6 weeks.

 The theme for this year is ‘Hope Across the World.’ 

From Nursery to Primary 7 we have explored what this means to us and how to express is creatively. 

We hope you enjoy the video below.

From everyone at Royal Mile Primary, we wish you a restful and happy Easter break. 

Assembly April 1st 2021

Here is this week’s Assembly. Today we will all go home at the usual times and begin our Spring Break. For many of us that means enjoying Easter treats. Other families will be celebrating Holi and spring festivals, or getting ready for Ramadan and looking forward to Eid. However, we’ll all be looking forward to spending some time with our families and enjoying the changes spring is bringing to our world.

I hope you will all check back later to enjoy the opening of this year’s Art Gallery – the exhibition is all about HOPE.

WB 29.3.21 – Primary 1


  • Education City – Every Monday there is a new sound to revise in the homework section of Education City. This week it is the oo/ew digraph.
  • Reading – There will not be any reading homework over the Easter Holidays. You can read a range of stage books for free on the Oxford Old eBook Library or catch up on any outstanding Education City tasks
  • JASS – Nearly everyone has now earned their My Interests certificate! Please contact the school if you still need support with competing this
  • OPTIONAL FAMILY ACTIVITY – Below is a time capsule to help you reflect on the past year. If you would like a printed copy to complete with your family, please email – ‘For Miss Copeland’ – “Please can we have 1 time capsule”

Snack – Please avoid snacks that require a spoon such as a yogurt pot. A single snack that can be eaten quickly, such as a piece of fruit, is ideal. Sandwiches will be kept for lunch time.

JASS – My Interests

  • Roman built this amazing digger at school and did some baking at home
  • Mariam completed this cool puzzle

Martial Art Success!

Primary 1 made huge gross motor skill progress through following a series of 7 martial art sessions. They have also shown outstanding responsibility by keeping their karate skills for the sessions and not letting them creep into play times or lunch times. You have made Miss Copeland, Mrs B and Mrs McGlashan very proud! Look at all of those Get Active, Stay Active JASS certificates! Well done, superstars!

If this is something you would like to continue, check out the Active School’s YouTube videos page here

Below is MPower’s one. Although based in South Queensferry, at the moment they are teaching online and are offering a free trial.


Last week we celebrated World Water Day by taking the time to appreciate all of the ways we use water; for washing, for drinking, for plants, for animals, for fun!

We then moved on to our final section of our water topic which is water for growing.
We each took 2 minutes to draw a flower. When we looked at them all together we noticed that even though they were all different colours, they all had a flower and stem, and most had leaves. This is just like a person – we have eyes and ears and hair, but sometimes they are different colours.

We have each planted a seed into some soil and will get to take them home on Thursday. We need to remember to give them water to help them to help them grow.

1 year since the first lockdown

On Monday we took some time to reflect on the past year. As part of a whole school display, we decorated these 4 puzzle pieces with who supported us and how. We also made yellow heart sun-catchers to be displayed at home, just like the rainbows during the beginning of the pandemic.

World Autism Awareness Week

We will be reading this brilliant story My Brother is an Austronaut which is written by the charity, Scope.

Click here to read it

To view this week’s learning, click below.

Have a great week!

Miss Copeland, Mrs B and Mrs McGlashan