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April highlights in P6

Huge Welcome to Mrs Williamson who will spend the month of May with us! ­čÖé

Look at P6’s great reading for information: we added great detail to our illustrations:

P6 love working with the Hybrid Dance project and are looking forward to continuing our work in May:

Enjoying ICT time and preparing for Coronation party with our P1 buddies:

Working hard on mental agility

We focused on the blue section – combining, partitioning and Place Value:

Next month we look forward to focus on listening to and writing our own

  • raps,
  • money and finance
  • discrimination

Primary 6 Blog

more March highlights in P6

Whole school movie fun –

to our amazing PARENT COUNCIL ­čÖé

P6 had the most amazing time at the Science fair:

Outdoor learning and identifying plants this month:

Enjoying our fantasy fiction SPIDERWICKS CHRONICLES:

Easter celebrations with our favourite little friends:


to our pupil council for organising the arts and crafts and fun orienteering on our playground.

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more science fun

2nd time lucky…

connection between mentos and diet coke –

Did you know:

The many small pores on the surface of the mento speed up the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the soda as they give a larger surface area for the reaction to occur over, causing foam to erupt at a super fast rate.

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Science week fun in P6

Look how exciting


has been:

learning about the human body:

connection between

+ colours, water and paper towel as well as

coloured water celery and flowers:

connections between handwashing and growing mould:

connections between yeast and temperature:

Did you know:

What temperature should yeast be at C?

It’s important to note that, when mixing the yeast with water, the temperature shouldn’t be too high or it will kill the yeast. The optimum temperature is 38C/100F.

Connection between Coca-Cola and mentos spearmint:

We hope you come back soon to check out this year’s