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Book Box

It’s hard to believe that our BOOK BOX started out as a very dilapidated and disused Police Box.

Now after lots of hard work from the volunteers at Citi Bank it is full of fantastic books that are free to borrow.

Every Friday children can swap a book or just start off by picking a good read!

Sadly it won’t take you to a new galaxy but it will take you to wonderful new worlds!!!!


Wecome Back

Already we have lots of exciting things afoot here at Royal Mile.

P7 were amazed by their new privilege area with seats, games and lockers which were all provided by Amazon as part of their community programme. It looks great and I know they have been enjoying this new area.

The Book Swap Box has continued to be popular and children are using the FRIDAY swap day well. Our supporters at CitiBank dropped in a whole lot of new books to fill up the shelves and give even more choice. It seems that we are also famous in Ayrshire and their library service have sent two boxes of donated books! Thanks as well to our own families who have handed in books.

Go OUtdoors continue to encourage customers to donate outdoor clothing in our box tha t the Pupil Council made last session. This has provided jackets, boots and trainers, hats and gloves, waterproofs, sleeping bags for quiet time in teh nursery……All of these are being put to good use and it means we can get outsied more and more!

P7 Camp – please remember that payment of small regular amounts can be made via parentpay at anytime. We aim to take the whole class on thsi excellent experience. It really is a preparation for independence and High School as wella s good fun.Please do come and speak to me if I can be of any assistance with information, reassurance or fanancial matters, all in confidence.

we look forward to seeing lots of yo at our evening social on 13th September 2018!

Happy Campers – Tidy Rooms!

Last night I went along to visit the Primary 7 at Dounans Camp, near Aberfoyle. I sat and ate dinner  (which was delicious) with the children and staff  and listened with amazement to their stories of daring deeds, thrilling adventures and wet clothes!

They all had just come back from a hike up a very big, snowy hill and were tired but really happy. They had a bit of free time and showed me around and then headed off to their evening activity.

The boys proudly showed off their VERY tidy rooms. I did warn them that their families would be expecting this standard of tidy in their bedrooms at home, but they still let me take the photos!

Everybody is having fun. The staff and the Dounans Instructors had only good things to say about everyone. They were full of praise about the children’s behaviour, support for each other and willingness to try everything!


Fair to Share!

InterFaith Fair

To celebrate the diversity and coincide with World Interfaith Week we held an information sharing event on 1st March 2018.

Every class had a stall and lots of knowledgable experts to share information about the world faiths and religions that they have been studying. It was a fun event and there were some lovely displays.

Comments from parents who attended included:

Lovely to see all the fantastic work!

Good to see all the different things tha children have been learning about.

Excellent work and presentations all round!

Very Nice! Like It!

Great work , good to see what all teh children have been learning.

Good Idea!

We hope to have some more events like this as it was so enjoyable for everyone and a great way to share learning!