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New rules

The Scottish Government have issued new rules to keep us safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. New rules can be confusing for us all.

Here is a visual representation of some of the new rules. They will help us all to understand them a bit better.

We will continue to check and follow local government advice.

Remember to clean your hands often and stay physically distanced from people who are not in your household.

How we are feeling

Language Class 1 and 2 have been talking a lot about our emotions and how we feel. We have been thinking and talking about The Zones of Regulation.

There are 4 “zones” of emotions.

We have talked about how different situations make us feel like we are in different “zones” throughout the day. We are learning what we can do to help regulate our emotions and move between the zones when we need to.

Learning Heroes!!

They are back! I am pleased to say that our very own super heroes are back in school helping us to be amazing learners – everyone using the power of YET as we find out and try out ways to learn and get smarter!

i am sure primary 7 will not mind me sharing this amazing display with you today!

I am looking forward to seeing every class’ display around school and shared with you all on the class blogs!

Welcome back to LCC2

Hello and belated welcome back to the LCC2 blog. We have been busy getting back into the routines of school. On this blog we will be sharing our learning with you as well as posting some updates and ideas for home learning, so please do check this page regularly.

We have been trying to get outside for fresh air whenever we can. We have done outdoor spelling, outdoor maths (looking for 3D shapes in our environment) and we have also been out on the scooters and the bikes.

We have been getting back into the swing of being at school, working at our workstations, keeping all our individual resources neat and tidy…school is looking quite different. Assembly is online now too!

We have also found time to relax, play and be creative.