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December in LC1

December in LC1

It was very exciting month! Children couldn’t wait until Christmas, counting how many chocolates (from our Advent Calendar) they had to eat before the end of the term 🙂.

It was also very busy month. In LC1, kids worked hard learning about different Christmas symbols and traditions and how Christmas is celebrated around the world. They learned about Nativity  Story and the reason why Christmas is so important for Christian people.

The children had written letters to Santa which they later went to post. They did great job creating Christmas cards and decorations.

We also took part in “Winter Wonderland” whole school event, where different classes organised and presented winter themed activities.

We finished the term in festive moods, laughing (during Seasonal Panto) and dancing (at Christmas disco).

January in LC1

January in LC1

Happy New Year!

In LC1, we have started new term with interesting Interdisciplinary Project – Passing time and seasonal changes. We learned about different ways of measuring time such as years, months, weeks, days and seasons.

We learned about different features of 4 seasons and about changes in the world around us.

The children observed and discussed what happens to trees and animals during different seasons. We learned about different types of weather and how it affects them and us. We made bird feeders using seeds and dry worms which we later hang on the trees at the school’s playground.

The children discovered what happens to water during very hot and very cold weather. We even made our own ice-lollies!

As part of the IDL Project, the children learned about different seasonal celebrations. We celebrated Robert Burns’ birthday by preparing traditional Scottish food: haggis, neeps and tatties and also flapjack. Then we invited our parents to celebrate and share the food with them.

In LC1 we have also started project about food preparation where we learn to create different recipes and later to follow them to prepare simple snacks.