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P1 Burns Supper

From farm to fork

Where does our food come from? From a plant or animal? How does it grow?

We watched videos from Tesco’s Eat Happy Project to find out where porridge oats come from.

We then tested our knowledge using

First we made porridge using porridge oats which come from a plant, and milk which comes from an animal. We tried the porridge for pudding during lunch time.

Next we prepared the potatoes ready for our haggis, neeps and tatties Burns Supper!

First we washed our hands and rolled up our sleeves. The table had been washed and all of the equipment. We peeled, chopped, boiled, strained, mashed, served and ate the mashed tatties. We set the table, poured the drinks and gave a toast. We were very brave and tried most of the foods. To become more comfortable with the new, sometimes scary, foods we used all of our senses – smelling, tasting and feeling the different textures of the food. Do you you like our home-made tartan placemats? We also enjoyed listening to some traditional Scottish music to make it a true party!

Primary 1 Blog

Tuesday 24th January – p1

Scottish Week

Primary 1 are learning the poem Twa Leggit Mice this week, ready for Friday’s assembly and parent visit!

Worry Monster fun with our Primary 6 buddies

Ms Finalson set each of us the task to create a Worry Monster to help build our resilience. The aim is that the action of sharing your worries with your monster will bring you comfort. Sometimes the worry monsters each up your worries to! We planned, created and assessed our clay worry monsters with our Primary 6 buddies, using natural resources sources at Dunbar’s Close.

Lunar New Year

We have had so much fun exploring the Lunar (Chinese) New Year, especially making our masks and acting our The Great Race – How the Zodiac animals came to be!

Numeracy – Make it, draw it, write it!

We will be using a make it, draw it, write it approach when learning about numeral identification.

  • How many cubes are there? (Can feel and move them)
  • How many dots are there? (Point and count but can’t move)
  • What number is this? (Instant recall when they see the numeral)
  • Give me 3 cubes
  • Draw me 3 dots
  • Write the number 3

Number bonds – How many different ways can you make the number 3?

Today’s Number is a great game which helps practise this.


In the spirit of Robert Burns, we will be exploring poetry and rhyming. Below are two games and a song you could try at home.

Rhyme Round Up Game –

Groovers Rhyme Time Game –



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Read, Write, Count drawing competition

Each year the Read, Write, Count programme gifts over 120,000 bags of books and fun learning materials to every P2 and P3 child in Scotland. This year they are aiming to tackle waste by using a more environmentally friendly bag. 

Their new bags are fully recyclable, made from 40% recycled content and are produced in a factory that uses 100% renewable energy. (Find your local recycling point(this will open in a new window) through Recycle Now.) 

To celebrate their new bags, they are running an exciting art competition for all P1–3s across Scotland. They would love you to draw a design that represents looking after and loving our planet. The entries will be judged by an expert panel including bestselling author and illustrator Vivian French

The winning design will be printed on all the new Read, Write, Count bags gifted during Book Week Scotland in November 2023.  

Alongside the printed design, the winner will receive an artist’s goodie bag and their class will receive a book donation for their library. The second and third placed entries in each stage will also win a fantastic selection of books for their school. 

The deadline to submit is Thursday 23 February and the winner will be revealed in March. So, grab your paint and get inspired by all things green!

Click here for more information

  • Must be landscape
  • Make sure your name is on the back in pencil
  • The paper cannot be folded – so you need to bring it in flat and not crumpled
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Welcome Back!

It is so lovely to have a full class again! We will continue to regularly wash our hands as we all want to stay healthy this new year!

Our vision for the new year

We have been ‘looking forward’ and setting new years resolutions. Sadly it is tricky to see on the photos due to the gold glitter pen used and lamination of the work. We hope you can see it up close soon!

Gymnastics – Pair Work

Playing the mirror game to show our understanding of symmetry

Counter Balances – Making sure to hold the wrists, for added security, communicating with each other to build trust and developing core strength

Small World

Primary 1 were very excited to play with their new mini-me characters. I wonder what adventures they will go on!

Chinese New Year

Our topic focus for the next two weeks will be exploring Chinese New Year. If there is a special date that your family enjoys celebrating, we would love to learn about it!

Mental Agility

We are moving around the rainbow to the yellow section – Number Recognition

Check out the grid below and see how many you can complete

Googling ‘Number Recognition Activities’ will also provide you with lots of fun games!

Online – Post the letter through the correct door