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Friday 13th May – P1

Health Week Fun

Wow! This week we have done so many exciting things from learning new dances like Bollywood, Hula and Ukrainian Hopak, to trying out new sports like yoga and shinty, while also practising those skills needed for sports day! We have also been learning how to keep our bodies and minds healthy too.

Sports Day

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Madine for running sports day this year. We hope all the pupils and parents enjoyed it. Not all pupils in our school have permission to be photographed and due to the team nature of sports day, this became a challenge (!), so below is just a tiny snippet of all of the fun that happened today!


For a more interactive approach to life cycles, we ordered caterpillars for our classroom from Insect Lore.
We have been observing our caterpillars closely, watching them eating their food and getting bigger. A few of the caterpillars have now started their transformation into a chrysalis. Very exciting!


Primary 1 have been learning about all of the different ways you can pay for items such as with coins, paper money, cards and now even with your phone. We are learning to identify coins through their size, shape and colour, and we are beginning to understand that each coin has a different value. Lots of shops have been moving towards becoming ‘cash-less’ and this has sped up since the pandemic. Dust off those coins and have a play at home!

Have a go at playing these games at home

Sort, order and count the coins

Use coins to pay for items

Lots of games on Natwest’s My Money Sense page

Term 3 Overview

To see what we will be covering this term, please click the file below

Primary 1 Blog

Friday 29th April

Hello! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim families a happy and healthy Eid! Thank you to the very kind parents and friends who came with food, face paint, henna and gifts for the pupils. We really appreciate all the work that went in to setting up and organising today for the whole school!

Orienteering in P.E

Working in teams and moving fast we have had to communicate, collect and arrange items to make these funny faces!

Signs of Spring

P1 went on a walk to Holyrood Park to go on a scavenger hunt looking for signs of spring. We spotted everything apart from the elusive squirrels!


Our whole school has been learning all about the Ukrainian Easter tradition of Pysanky eggs. We decorated eggs which will be combined to make bunting for outside the school. Mohtada made this beautiful card at home to welcome our new pupil, Alisa, who is from Ukraine.

Easter Salt Dough Decorations

We used ‘bossy’ imperative verbs when making our salt dough. kneading, mixing, pouring, stirring, flattening, rolling, cooking, painting – so many verbs!

Bus Tour

We went on a tour around Edinburgh with Cobbles the Scottie Dog!

Easter at Canongate Kirk

We were kindly invited to Canongate kirk to look around and hear the Easter Story. We enjoyed spotting the Christian symbols and stained glass windows.

Floating and Sinking Experiment

We set up an experiment to learn about sinking and floating. This sparked discussions about materials and their uses e.g. what are boats made out of and does the shape make a difference.

Royal Mile Art Gallery

Here it is! Our two pieces of collaborative art. The titles were voted on by the class

Primary 1’s Hand Gallery
“We were drawing around our hands.”
“We needed to cut it then we painted it.”
“We painted it the colour of our skin.”
“Our skin colours are not all the same colour because all of us have different skin colour”

Primary 1’s Best Eye Gallery Ever
“Miss Copeland took a picture of our eyes.”
“We needed to look at our eye picture and then we had to copy it.”
“The colours of the eyes are not the same.”
“We all have different colour skin.”
“We are all unique”

We were given a tour by our Art Reps. Well done to Morgan, the P1 art rep who helped create posters, invitations and remember the descriptions of some of the art.

Holyrood Palace Trip

We were kindly invited to Holyrood Palace to have a closed off tour just for our school! We enjoyed seeing rooms that the Queen goes in and learning about the decoration of the palace and what each room was for.

Glitter Bottles

Sometimes called calming bottles or sensory bottles, – these can be used for general fun or to help someone who is feeling dysregulated. We shake the bottle very hard and then watch as the glitter settles and falls, stops spinning and sinks to the bottom again.

We used water, clear PVA glue and old glitter. Enjoy!

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Royal Mile Primary School Art Exhibition

Dear Royal Mile Families,

As you may be aware, our annual Art Exhibition is coming up on the 8th of April, 2022.

Due to regulations still surrounding schools, we can only invite a few of our community partners to the opening this year. They will be taken around the exhibition by our diligent, creative Art Reps. All the classes have been working very hard on our theme: Our Diverse Community and there will be a range of learning and artistic endeavours on display.

Unfortunately, parents and carers are still not able to visit as we did in previous years, however this will be a possibility after the Easter break.

We very much hope that you will be able to enjoy viewing it in person during the summer term and we will keep you informed as to when and how this will take place.

In the meantime, I wanted to share the beautiful posters created by the Art Reps to advertise the event.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you in to see the hard work by the pupils, just not quite yet!

Primary 1 Blog

Tuesday 29th March – P1

Rugby Week

Mr Madine and Primary 1 had a great time celebrating Rugby Week, learning how to pass and catch a rugby ball and work as a team.


We have now finished our block of gymnastics. We have practised lots of travelling, balancing, rolling and of course jumping!

Art Gallery Sneak Peek

We have been working towards two pieces of art for our school art gallery, this year titled ‘Our Diverse Community’. Below you can see our second piece in progress. We have been focussing on observational drawing, taking note of the lines, shapes and colours.


We started off our new topic of water with an overnight science experiment. What happens to water when it freezes? The water turned to ice and we noticed that the water grew! This expansion is one reason for the pot holes we see in the roads due to freeze/thaw.


Morgan demonstrated her knowledge of the life cycle of a plant with the fabulous chalk drawing outside.

Using magnets and wool, Soni created this system on the whiteboard, where he could tighten and loosen the string by twisting. It gained lots of interest from the class!

Giraffe News

Sadly, as you can see below, we did not win the competition however… Well done to Primary 4 who did! We are still excited that we will have a giraffe [statue] visit our school!

The Queen’s Jubilee

Holyrood Education centre has invited us to take part in a workshop for the Queen’s Jubilee on Tuesday 26th April (just after the Easter holidays).

The day will consist of;

  • Introduction at Education Centre
  • Visit to the palace
  • Bunting workshop
  • Invitations to visit the gardens.

School Resources for the Platinum Jubilee, 2022 (

As per normal, please wear school uniform and bring a waterproof coat.

This Week


We are hoping, weather depending, to do some outdoor learning today!


We are expecting a routine visit from the school nurses at 9:30am.

Bus Tour – Thursday

We will be taking part in a trial open top bus tour with Cobble the Scottie Dog which launches to the public on 2/4/22.

The bus tour will take place this Thursday 31/3/22 from 1.30-2.30 during school time.

Please wear school uniform and bring a waterproof coat/hat.