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for everyone helping and attending Royal Mile’s fantastic

It was a great success and everyone seemed to have a super time!

Primary 6 would like you to know that we have a lot more homemade


we would like to offer at break and lunch on Monday and Thursday next week for ONLY


See you at our crafty stall! Thanks again!

Primary 1 Blog

The Sleepy Shepherd

Parts have been allocated and rehearsals have begun!
Please note: Mrs Swan, P2 Pupil Support Assistant, provides all children with costumes.

We are very much looking forward to performing to our peers on Wednesday 14th December and to our parents and families on Thursday 15th December.

Below are the song tracks for practising at home. Please note the pronouns of the Sleepy Shepherd and Angel are different in the the backing tracks. This year our Sleepy Shepherd is a girl (she/her) and our Angel is a boy (he/his).

As you can see from the script, each part is very important. Some pupils are needing to play 2 parts this year due to the small class size. Again, if you have any questions or if you predict your child will be away on these days, please come and speak with a member of staff.

Many thanks, Miss Copeland

  1. Woolly Sheep

2. Sleepy Shepherd

3. A beautiful angel came to the hill

4. Would you like to come along with me?

5. Under a star

6. Bumpy road

7. Wake up!

Primary 1 Blog

Wednesday 23rd November – P1

Snack and water bottles

Please provide your child with a small snack and water bottle every day including Fridays as we do not have spare snacks.

Please note that fruit juice cartons and flavoured milk are not recommended. If you would like your child to have a carton of milk, please sign up through parent pay.

Take a moment

Our next Building Resilience topic is Take a Moment. Please see the information below.


Our new Maths topic is Time.

The outcome that we will be aiming for is to… Be aware of how routines and events in the world link with times and seasons, and to explore ways to record and display these using clocks, calendars and other methods.

We start with asking what phrases, objects or words we know…

  • “Enough time”, Mustapha
  • “One at a time”, Zoe
  • “Time for School”, Mohamed
  • “Cleaning your mess takes a long time”, Aiden
  • “10 o’clock”, Mohamed
  • “Watch” Sidrah
  • “Birthday, when I’m 5, then I’m 6…” Aiden
  • “In daytime I play with friends” Mustapha
  • What happens at night-time? “Hedgehogs, foxes, owls, Harry Potter fighting Voldemort” Aiden and Mustapha
  • “It is 9:59. One minute until 10 o’clock” Daniel

We covered what creates daytime and nighttime

…and brought in a dark tent and torch to move Pudsey into daytime and nighttime on the Earth.

Clock Work

To help space out the numbers when writing a clock, we write the 12, 6, 3 and 9 first, then fill in the missing numbers. We are writing and reading o’clock times on digital and analogue clocks.

Have a go at playing this o’clock matching game

Number formation

Scottish Book Week

Here are some of the activities we had fun doing!

Is that the bell? We need to… Stop and read!

Teacher swap! Mr Dominguez came in to read Primary 1 a story

Pyjama day! Bedtime stories in honour of Children in Need

Buddy visit to the Children’s Library


Rolling, jumping, balancing and travelling – assessing risk at height.

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Book week homework activities


We are really excited about a fun filled week all about our favourite books!

Please find attached a link to lots of challenges for you to complete at home and earn

Why not check out these AMAZING

LIVE AUTHOR opportunities:

We would love your feedback too – please leave a comment! 🙂