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Scots Week 23rd -26th January at Royal Mile Primary School

Scots Week will be taking place at Royal Mile Primary School this week 23rd – 26th January to celebrate the Scottish Poet Robert Burns’ birthday and our Scottish literature, dance, art and song. In class we will be taking part in Scottish dancing, singing Scots songs, looking at Scottish writing and listening to the Scots language.

At the end of the week we hope that parents/carers can visit our Scottish Week show case starting at 11.30am. Where P1- 4 will be showing their Scottish themed activities in their classrooms and P5-7 will be Showcasing their Scottish dancing, drama and singing in the PE hall.

To share this great week of activities we have attached the songs, stories and poems that we are going to have access to in class. Please enjoy and come along for the banter on Friday!

Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week. This week, we have been very busy in nursery. A warm welcome to all our new families and children, it has been lovely to meet you all and we are so pleased to join your children on their learning journey. If you have any questions, please just ask. Staff would also like to thank all the children, for being such good helpers. They have been showing our new children around the playroom, garden, our dining room and of course the school gym hall.

This week in nursery, we have be looking at different countries/languages. The children have been making flags from their countries and designed their own flags too (please have a look at our flags, these can be seen on the playroom door and on display in the art area too). The children were able to use books and iPads to fact find about the countries and to find where in the world these are.

We have also been practicing our Scottish songs for Scottish Week. We will be have our stay and play session very soon so please keep an eye out for that. Everyone welcome!

Upstairs in the Terrific Twos we have been busy looking at colours and shapes. The children choose to make green coloured play dough with Linda. They used different shaped cutters to create their own shapes.

In the art area we created trees using brown foam and brown string. We enjoyed looking at shape books, a sorting game and puzzles, identifying some and learning new ones.

We brought out a colourful linking game, in which we joined each one together to create necklaces and bracelets. We were able to use our fine motor skills carefully and confidently put them together.

We have been exploring in the garden and have been able to join in with some of the older children and see our friends that have moved into the “big downstairs room”.

Please post pictures of the fun you have at home on the Learning Journals, we love to see what you all get up to.

Have a great weekend, we look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Nursery Blog

Fantastic Friday!

Hello and welcome back to Fantastic Friday, where we showcase all the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week. We have had a very busy week in Nursery!

In the garden, we have been investigating the weather mainly snow and ice. We were making patterns in the snow, making snowballs and attempting to make a snowman. We brought some of the ice into the Nursery and popped it in the water to see how long it took to melt, we have also been fact finding about snow and how it’s made using the iPads, whiteboard and information fact books.

We attended our primary ones nativity play on Wednesday, which was fantastic. A big well done to all the Primary ones and Ms Copeland for such an excellent show, we also attended a festive puppet show in the afternoon.

Thursday afternoon was our playroom Christmas party. We all had a great time, taking part in the party games, lots of dancing, eating delicious party food and we finished off performing our Christmas carols. Well done to everyone who worked hard to learn the songs and gave an excellent performance.
A big thank you to all our parents who attended, it’s so lovely to have you all back in the Nursery at this time of year.

Over the Christmas holidays please feel free to upload some pictures, we love speaking to the children about the fun activities and trips featured in the photos and seeing what they have been doing over the holiday season.

We hope everyone has a wonderful winter holiday. Thank you all for your ongoing support over this year and we wish all the very best in 2023. We will see you all the 5th January 2023!!!