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Fantastic Friday!

It’s Fantastic Friday again, where we showcase the brilliant work and play in the nursery and at home each week! This week we have been reading the story Percy the Park Keeper and the Secret Path, this has lead to lots of interesting discussion about mazes and animals. We also discussed how maps and signs could help us to navigate our way around the nursery and the wider world. We have been designing our own mazes; drawing them and also building them with recycling and building blocks! We are still discussing Spring and have made some lovely flowers using lots of different materials and talked about what we like to do on sunny spring days! We have been talking about the life cycles of plants and animals and learning about their different stages of life and what they need to grow. We even started planting some flowers and cress to watch the growing process and helped to clean up and water our flowers at the front gate. We have been playing lots of imaginary games in our house corners; solving crimes as police officers, going on adventures as princesses and being very busy shopkeepers! We were building amazing structures with our bricks indoors and outdoors, completing our animal puzzles and practising our counting. We have been enjoying lots of messy play with water, mud, sand and shaving foam. We have enjoyed being out in the sunshine; riding bikes and scooters, playing with our mud kitchen, whittling sticks at forest school and eating some yummy picnic snacks!

Please continue to post your lovely pictures of the work and play taking place at home to the Learning Journals and let us know if you need any help with this! We love to see the fun you have at home!

Royal Mile Art Gallery 2021

On the 1st of April (next Thursday) we shall launch the online Art Gallery for 2021. All the classes and in particular, the Art Reps have been working really hard to help prepare the Art Gallery this year.

To help you feel even more excited about it, below are a selection of the posters to advertise our Art Gallery this year, created  by our very talented Art Reps!

Primary 7
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 5

Rhyme Time

This week’s rhyme is “Hot cross buns”. Have fun and please share your work on your learning journal or comment on this blog post. You can also email photos to the school office for our Fantastic Friday celebration of your work.

The story this week’s learning in the nursery will be based around is: Percy The Park Keeper, The Secret Path by Nick Butterworth

Percy The Park keeper, The Secret Path

Cosmic Yoga with Tallulah the Owlet

Sing along to this Spring song

The children will be thinking about where living things come from and about what they need to grow. Talk to your child about the signs of spring on plants, can they find buds?
The children will be looking for and using signs around them to explore direction. Make a map to find your way to nursery, use words like left, right, up down. Count how many footsteps.
The children will be exploring events and characters in the story and using what they have learned to invent their own stories. Encourage your child to draw and describe how they would like to spend a sunny Spring day. 

Fantastic Friday!

It’s Fantastic Friday, where we showcase the amazing work taking place in the nursery and at home this week. We enjoyed playing in the sunshine this week; playing lots of games in the garden, having picnics and exploring the woodlands nearby for our Forest Schools trip! We have been doing lots of lovely arts and crafts; making pasta necklaces, blue sunglasses, bubbly bath pictures, colourful spring paintings, cork bees, thank you cards, hats and clovers for St Patrick’s Day, funny selfie photos and elephant faces! We have been continuing to learn and discuss Spring time and looking out for the first signs of Spring around us. We have been focusing on the story ‘5 Minutes Peace’ and discussing who helps us, how we can say thank you and the passing of time. We have played lots of fun games and experimented in our water trays and our sand tray! We have been building amazing structures with our bricks and our loose parts and playing with letters and numbers! We made some lovely spring cupcakes and some yummy veggie meatballs for our snack!