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Exciting March in P6


P6 have been super busy – here are some of our highlights


Resilience program – Talking things over: making stress balls and stone worry warriors as well as worry dolls. th


Multiplication and Division Consolidation


 Information Handling: Venn Diagrams



PE: more gymnastics


Social Studies: more Victorians


Literacy: reading and grammar 


th.png  for supporting us at our SHOWCASE ASSEMBLY!


News from P6


hi and Thank you for popping in!


Look at some of our amazing Victorian houses! hi

We are also please with these Victorian toys – ball and cup, thaumatrope, soldier and sail boat. hi.jpg


Multiplication and division practice (1 and 2 git, with and without remainders)


Enjoying singing and playing music. hi.gif


Looking for signs of spring and contributing to collaborative mosaic. hi


We are SUPER PROUD of our inventions and can’t wait to show the winners off at our Showcase assembly on Wednesday, 3rd April.


Enjoying being outdoors and getting ready for ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’

P6 focused on Michael Morpurgo and painted while listening to ‘White horse of Zennor’. We also enjoyed using the ‘Book box’ and took part in a relaxation exercise. hi

IMG_0735 Reward time fun. hi.jpg


February in P6



This month we proudly present our ART GALLERY winner:

Emre – I want to be able to fly in the sky!
Beda – I’ve got catitude: Driverless Cars are so simple, cats can work them. Cuter Taxi Drivers! Yah!

Ella – you tuber’s dream: More inspiring people! More kids having fun!
Oli- I wish there will be no homeless by 2050!
Naeema – There should already be better medicine for everything!
Rawia – I want to be a vet when I grow up!


Various games and activities about PROBABILITY.

img_0654-e1549740130906.jpgVolleyball practice: serving, volleying and digging.

img_0656-1.jpg Table tennis fun in reward time.IMG_0640P6 answering some of their questions about the VICTORIANS. th.png

(I’d like to learn more about…

  • transport
  • fashion
  • jobs
  • childhood
  • law and order etc)