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The Crags Sports Centre is Open!

Eoghan Drover and the Crags Team have been in touch to let us know that Blaze Basketball and The Crags Sports Centre are open again.

There are indoor sessions and holiday camps running for Primary School Children.

Summer Term Bookings can be made here

Basketball Camps during the May holidays can be booked here

They are looking forward to seeing lots of our talented and energetic Royal Milers soon!

Science Week 2021 – The Review

Just before Easter, the school participated in Science Week.

You asked the scientists lots of questions
Click the videos or links below to hear their answers

Heather, Forensic Scientist

Graeme, Civil Engineer

Roberta, Chef

Gavin, Clinical Scientist

There are 7 science inquiry skills that we aim to develop.
Did you feel you got better at them during Science Week?

There are 6 Learning Powers that we aim to develop.
Did you feel you got better at them during Science Week?

What was your favourite part?

Next year, how can we make it better?

Some classes posted photos on their blogs. Click below to see what they got up to

Primary 2 Primary 3 Primary 1

Thank you for your feedback and I look forward to next year!
Miss Copeland

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Lessons

This term we will start to cover the RSHP (relationships, sexual health and parenthood) programme in school. To start the children are working on the topic of my body. They will be learning about how their body changes with puberty. All children will learn about menstruation (a girl having their period), about changes in emotions with puberty, about keeping their body healthy and about personal hygiene. The learning activities will help the child build a positive relationship with their body. They will also
learn the correct names for male and female genitals and learn about the reproductive organs, so that we can learn in later lessons about how babies are made, pregnancy and birth.

The full progression including the lesson plans and materials can be found here. We will post updates on what will be covered weekly, to allow you to view the materials in advance if you wish to do so.

Below is an information letter outlining the aims and content of the programme.

Assembly 22nd April 2021

Welcome to this week’s Assembly. Although we don’t have any stars of the week – we do have some amazing superstars all working hard to achieve their JASS Awards!

I also need to say that PRIMARY 1 have impressed the school office staff immensely with their lining up and quiet walking so they get to use the BLOCK PLAY in the undercroft this week! Enjoy!

Next week we’ll be finding out who has won the House Cup for April 2021 and I am looking forward to writing all the GREEN names on the Roll of Honour in the open area – hoping my pen runs out of ink because there are so many!

Enjoy assembly!