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Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day and the pupil participation group Internet Empire explored their knowledge of internet safety. All pupils should have knowledge of how to stay safe online for example, what to do if they encounter inappropriate content, how to keep personal details safe, using passwords to protect their information and cyberbullying.

In the session we used a special interactive questionnaire called ‘Mentimeter’ – Pupils were in groups of 3 and shared an iPad to answer the questions below which created this document. This will also be shared with staff to improve our quality learning and teaching

Holiday Home Learning

We asked what activities they would set to practise or show their knowledge of internet safety and this is what they came up with! Miss Bruner and Miss Copeland would be delighted to hear if anyone completes one of the tasks below to share their knowledge of safe internet use.

Games to learn more about online safety 

Interland – Children aged 8 – 12. A new game made by Google – covering cyberbullying, phishing, data protection through mini-games and quizzes. Very cool!

Jessie and Friends – A favourite of Miss Copeland, this includes easy to watch videos and songs, perfect for ages 4 to 7.

Band Runner – Also by Think U Know, this is designed for children aged 8-10.

Cloud Quest – An interactive adventure website with videos and activities for children under 10 (American website)

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Scots Week 23rd -26th January at Royal Mile Primary School

Scots Week will be taking place at Royal Mile Primary School this week 23rd – 26th January to celebrate the Scottish Poet Robert Burns’ birthday and our Scottish literature, dance, art and song. In class we will be taking part in Scottish dancing, singing Scots songs, looking at Scottish writing and listening to the Scots language.

At the end of the week we hope that parents/carers can visit our Scottish Week show case starting at 11.30am. Where P1- 4 will be showing their Scottish themed activities in their classrooms and P5-7 will be Showcasing their Scottish dancing, drama and singing in the PE hall.

To share this great week of activities we have attached the songs, stories and poems that we are going to have access to in class. Please enjoy and come along for the banter on Friday!