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Happy Children’s Day!

In Poland it is a very special day today. We celebrate Children’s Day on 1 June.

On this occasion I would like to wish you all at Royal Mile Primary (because we are all children, no matter how old we are) 🙂

A very Happy Children’s Day.

May you have a fun-filled life!

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Look after yourself

Mrs Machowiak

Primary 6 Home Learning W.C. 1st June

Dear Primary Six Families,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sun! Please find attached the home learning grid for this week. I have also attached the work from Mrs Speedie based around ‘Say Something Nice Day’ which is today.

There is also a document with full details of Games at the Hub activities. If you follow the link below then you can also see video clips showing what to do for each activity.

Virtual Games at the Hub

Please send in your photos and videos by Wednesday, 3rd June. I have made this an assignment on Teams so examples can be uploaded directly there. If you do not yet have your password please read the ICT policy on a previous P6 blog post then email the admin account to request your username and password.

As usual any questions or examples of work either uploaded to Teams or emailed to

All the best,

Mr McPheely

P6 Home Learning Grid Week Beginning 1.6.20

Games @ The Hub 2020 Event Information 

Jueves 28 de Mayo 2020 Spanish All Levels – Family task for Say Something Nice Day

My Book Review Frame

Virtual Games at the Hub

Primary Six Families,

I hope that all of you have been enjoying the health week activities in the beautiful sunshine we have been enjoying this week! Following health week we have been invited to join in the annual Games and the Hub Event. This is a celebration of the Active Schools Programme and is open to primary six pupils across the city. This year because we are not able to meet up in person the event will happen virtually.

The event will run in three section, the opening ceremony, the sports events and a quiz at 2 P.M. to end the day. To participate in the opening ceremony and the sports events you will need to send a photo or video of yourself completing the activity and either email it to or upload them to Teams. It would be great if you could include a short comment on what you were doing or what skills you were using. I will then be able to tweet them in throughout the day. If you do not wish the photo to be tweeted please make that clear when sending it in.

The theme for the opening ceremony is ‘Journey Through Lockdown’. This could be examples of things that you have learnt, skills you have been developing, food you have been cooking etc.

There will be a range of sports challenges, most of which you will not need sports equipment to complete. Full details of the sports will be published via the link below by 5 P.M. today. Each event will take a maximum of half an hour.

List of activities

The quiz will be on and can be accessed through a code shared on the website and twitter. I will re-post them on the blog and Teams too.

Please share your photos, videos and comments by Wednesday.

The grid next week will be shorter to reflect the extra time which will be taken to complete these activities.

Hope to hear from you all soon!

All the best!

Mr McPheely

P.S. A link to the flyer can be found below.

Welcome to Games @ The Hub 2020


Wednesday Challenge


Our challenge today comes from Mrs Peoples. She needs us to help with some work for the new P1 pupils .


The nursery children have been encouraged to take part in the Edinburgh Bear Hunt as part of their transition work. One of the activities they are to complete is the Cosmic Kids yoga linked to the story – It would be great if the older boys and girls could join in too, you can find it here – Remember to share pictures with us!