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Homework w/b 23rd January and P5 News

Another great week and P5 have been working on writing poetry using rhyme and free verse, have a look at the Head Teacher’s Sway to see a few examples of the great writing they have been doing. In Maths we started to look at regular Polyhedrons and we are continuing to use our number processing skills with our mental math strategies. We will be focusing on Place Value for our whole school mental math strategies focus and a challenge sheet for the class will be posted shortly for you to try at home.

This week is Scots Week and we will be singing Scots songs and dancing with P6 and P7. We hope that you will be able to come to our Scots Showcase at 11.30am on Friday to see what we have been able to accomplish over the week (participation is optional).

On Thursday 26th we will be having a visit from the Social Enterprise Academy who are coming to catch up with us and bringing with them guests from Scottish Government. We are going to be demonstrating our business skills and telling them all about the plans for our Social Enterprise project and our Dragon’s Den competition bid,watch this space for any Breaking News.

Finally another big thank you for undertaking the Home learning and returning it school promptly on Friday or before Friday. This week it was lovely to get some extra poems by Lynda and I enjoyed reading them. Some of the Home Learning in Maths this week has still to be covered in class but some of the class may like to try to work out the answers so I have left the questions in. The children are confidently marking their home learning and discussing any queries that they have on Friday in class. Once again home learning should be returned to school on Friday, those who are not able to complete it will have an opportunity to complete it in class.

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Scots Week 23rd -26th January at Royal Mile Primary School

Scots Week will be taking place at Royal Mile Primary School this week 23rd – 26th January to celebrate the Scottish Poet Robert Burns’ birthday and our Scottish literature, dance, art and song. In class we will be taking part in Scottish dancing, singing Scots songs, looking at Scottish writing and listening to the Scots language.

At the end of the week we hope that parents/carers can visit our Scottish Week show case starting at 11.30am. Where P1- 4 will be showing their Scottish themed activities in their classrooms and P5-7 will be Showcasing their Scottish dancing, drama and singing in the PE hall.

To share this great week of activities we have attached the songs, stories and poems that we are going to have access to in class. Please enjoy and come along for the banter on Friday!

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P5 News and Homework w/b 16.01.23

We have had a busy time last week in P5 and welcomed Mr Humphreys who will be with P5 until the end of March. In maths this week we started looking at subtraction strategies in Number Talks and we are going to finish shape this coming week and move on to Data Handling. The Royal Mile Planters, the name of our Social Enterprise had a board meeting and have started to discuss roles and the timeline for getting our Social Enterprise underway. We will hopefully be attending the Dragon’s Den Social Enterprise Academy Competition on 2nd March to try and win funding to support our project. Watch this space!!!

We will be starting poetry this week and in reading we will be looking at non fiction. We are practicing our Scottish dancing and singing for our Scots Week showcase with P6 and 7 on Friday 27th January. It is going to be a very busy week!

Thank you for all your support in returning the Home Learning on Friday. The class were able to self mark and ask any questions about the Home Learning and have indicated that they enjoyed the Home Learning. I have once again put copies of this week’s Home Learning in the Home Learning bags and a PDF copy on this blog. Please return the Home Learning on Friday 20.01.23 in the bags. Thank you once again for your support in this and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns. Regards Amanda Leslie

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P5 Week and Home Learning

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It was lovely to be back in school after a busy holiday. We were able to finish our Stop Motion Egyptian Films in the two days we were back and we hope to be able to post them on the blog soon.

I have had a number of requests to start maths home learning from parents/carers and some members of the class, therefore this term I will sending home both maths and reading home learning.

Please support your child’s home learning by discussing their home learning with them and returning the home learning bag to school. Please complete what you can in the bag, I understand how busy life can be and understand that other events may take priority.

Home Learning will be issued on a Monday in a home learning bag and where possible copies will be available on the P5 Blog in PDF.

Reading books from the library will only be sent home if the home learning requires the chosen book.

Contents of the home learning bag will be:    

  • Reading books for pleasure from library only if linked to home learning activity
  • Reading home learning activity or challenge sheet
  • Maths home learning activity or challenge sheet

Please return home learning in the home learning bag by Friday of that week so that children can check and discuss the learning at Feedback time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require support or wish to discuss home learning.

This week’s Homework Maths and Reading comprehension – copies will be sent home.

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Happy New Year! Welcome Back P5!

I hope that you have had a restful Christmas break and are ready to face the exciting challenges that we are going to plan together for the Spring Term.

However before we start we must look back and celebrate what we achieved in Term 1. We worked really hard on our two topics – The Water Cycle and the Egyptians. We will be completing our Stop Motion Egyptian films in our first week back and we hope to be able to showcase them in Assembly, no pressure there then! At the end of term we had our Christmas party and we also sang our Christmas at the Canongate Church and on the stairs in school. You were all fantastic!!!

Looking forward to your return we will be working on our Social Enterprise Community Project and we will be producing art that reflects the Spring term. In maths we will be continuing with mental maths strategies and number focus will be multiplication and division. We will also be looking at Data Handling to link to our Social Enterprise topic. Homework will resume on Monday 9th January, so watch this space.

I must thank all parents and carers for their support and lovely welcome in my first term at Royal Mile. I must also thank all my class for becoming a great team and inspirational and fun to teach. Lets make 2023 P5’s best year! I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, 5th January 2023 at 8.50am. Regards Mrs Leslie