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Best bits of September in P3


Thank you for popping in again!

Here are some of this months highlights:

Numeracy: PLACE VALUE practice –  digits in a number, their position and their value – splitting a number into (hundreds) tens and ones collaberatively

Literacy:  reading two stories that deal with themes of overcoming worries and facing fears, spelling and handwriting practice

Social Studies: CELTS –  Comparing aspects of people’s daily lives in the past with mour own by using historical evidence or the experience of recreating an historical setting – creating Celtic roundhouses, making clay war horns, dressing like Celts

PE:  enjoying daily opportunities to participate in physical activities and sport indoors and outdoors – ceilidh dancing and dance routines in class, playground games

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday for th

P3’s comments:

This month I enjoyed learning and worked hard on the Celts. I was happy about playing with my friends. Sarah

I like PE, especially basketball at the Crags! Aiden

I like going to Holyrood Park for Outdoor Education. TJ

I like playing with all my friends. Akrm

I like Place Value and fractions with Mrs Speedie. Louie

I like Fridays because we have reward time. Sasha

I am happy because I wrote a lot this week. I worked hard on writing about my reading book! Casey

I am very happy about my spelling this week. Preston

I enjoy maths in P3! Elia

I liked finding out who takes IMG_8552 home! Leila






August highlights in P3


Look what we have been up to…


P3 makes daily use of our feelings chart.

 Reading collaboratively. Creating our very own worry dolls.

Outdoor learning – counting forwards and backwards and hoop skills in PE.

Creating and labelling maps of Europe and Britain.

Fun at reward time!

Some comment about this month:

I am excited to finish my worry doll and bring it home! Elia

I like school because I get golden time. Aiden

I love helping my friends. Poppy

I was very good at school. I got to take IMG_8552.JPG home. I am happy! Sasha

I like our ‘Silly Billy’ book. Katie

After break we do ERIC (Everyone reading in class) Wahida

I enjoy learning about the Celts and drawing them! Texas

I like reading in school. Teigan

I like learning about the days of the week. Leila

I like PE. Ismail

I liked playing with the hoola hoops because it is challenging. Louie

I like my new classroom. Casey

I like break time, I like school. Dixie





Very warm Welcome to P3!


Boys and girls are very excited

sunand already have been very busy in this 1st term in P3.
Our Social Studies topic are the CELTS! celts

pvWe started working on Place value in numeracy

and time in maths.t

In literacy we are focusing on two stories that deal with themes of overcoming worries and facing fears and practise joining two or more sentences, correct punctuation, and exploring using expanded noun phrases to add more detail. thBJEA47GQ

Here are some of our comments about the first week in P3:

I liked sharing my holiday news with my friends. I like my teachers. I like P3 because it is upstairs. Leila

I like school. Teigan

I love P3. I like playing with the hula hoops because it was really fun! Paige

I liked reading. Patrick

I love sharing my pencil case with my friends. I loved doing fun games. Poppy

I enjoyed reading and maths. Texas

I loved art because it is fun. Caoimhe

I like P3. I like PE. Katie

It was fun. Dixie

I liked my ERIC book. Casey 

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