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Royal Mile Art Gallery 2021

On the 1st of April (next Thursday) we shall launch the online Art Gallery for 2021. All the classes and in particular, the Art Reps have been working really hard to help prepare the Art Gallery this year.

To help you feel even more excited about it, below are a selection of the posters to advertise our Art Gallery this year, created  by our very talented Art Reps!

Primary 7
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 5

Assembly 25th March 2021

I am really looking forward to the art gallery opening next week. I don’t know how I am resisting taking a peek at the pictures ……..but this week I have been thinking about kindness. On 23rd it was lovely to hear everyone speaking about the people and the things that had helped them during the last year. The display that teh whole school have been putting together is amazing!

so here is the link…

week commencing 22/3 in P3

Welcome back! I hope you had a

It’s PROFILE JOTTER WEEK and all our work will go in our special jotter.

This week we are planning to make some bird feeders for

PLEASE HELP US by bringing/keeping a recyclable water bottle in school:

This week in maths we are continuing to look at 2D shapes

This week I would like you to create a picture using 2D shapes and labelling them! Please try and use shapes that have more than 4 sides and corners too, hexagon (6 sides and corners) or octagon (8 sides and corners) for example.

Here are some examples:

I am looking forward to seeing some of yours!

Fantastic Friday in P3

Hi and Welcome to

Here are some highlights from SCIENCE week in P3:


and our CURLY WURLY challenge with a whopping 205cm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More rocket mice and stomp rockets

for being such a kind, hard working and helpful member of P3! What an absolute role model! 🙂

Thank you so much for participating in

Here are some of our favourite jokes

  • Why did the dinosaur cross the road? (The duck wasn’t invented yet!)
  • Knock, knock. Who’s there? Boo! Boo who? Don’t cry, it’s only a joke!
  • Why did the skeleton not cross the road? (He did not have the guts!)
  • What do you call a fly without wings? (a walk)
  • What is red and smells like blue paint? (red paint)
  • What do you call a gorilla with bananas in his ears? (Anything you like, it can’t hear you)
  • What goes ‘Ha,ha, ha…THUD?’ (A monster laughing its head off.)
  • What did one eye say to the other eye? (Something between us smells.)
  • What do you get if you cross a centipede and a parrot? (A walkie talkie)
  • Why do bees hum? (They forgot the words.)

Here are some of our funny face pictures:

Already looking forward to show you some of our MARCH HIGHLIGHTS! 🙂