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Hello April!


Thank you for popping in!

Look at our fabulous contributions from home to finish off our space topic: thROC040RT
Our vegetables are already growing. Hopefully we will be able to harvest radish and lettuce before the end of term.

P1/2 are starting a new social studies topic:

We are planning a trip to the museum of Scotland on Chamber Street on
Monday, 20th April 9.30-12.15!

Please let Ms.Brunner know if you’d like to join us!

We are also starting to learn more about fractions, untitled
• Understanding what half means
• Creating and identifying half of a shape
• Finding half of a number
• Describe and record a half in a variety of different ways and
• Locate it on a number line

and Symmetry thS7X34YYW

• Making symmetrical patterns with different materials
• Making our own symmetrical pictures and recognize when a shape or pattern is symmetrical

P1/2 are going to practise some untitledroutines in PE this term.

(i.e.: ceilidh dance and German song)

thNH7QYDUD Please don’t hesitate to speak to Ms.Brunner anytime if you have any questions or concerns!

P1/2’s contributions

International happy day! th

Who stole the bath soap?

Robber Ducky! th


Why did the cyclopes quit teaching?

Because he only had one pupil! th


What do you have if you carry 6 apples in one hand and 7 pears in the other?

Very big hands!untitled



thICWUMJ2ICome back soon!



March in P1/2


P1/2 enjoyed (a belated) World book day! IMG_5573

Maths: Adding 2 quantities and comparing numbers:


ICT: Creating Space books on Ipads with P4:

IMG_5560 IMG_5558

We had such an exciting time learning about Space at Dynamic Earth! Here are some photos of our experience:

IMG_5578 IMG_5607 IMG_5602 IMG_5600 IMG_5599 IMG_5598

We are already thSXYL844V to impress you with our work on Parents Night on Thursday 22nd March!



February focus in P1/2

thXZSB2ZPIP1/2 are focusing on money, identifying coins and their value and    .                                     adding amounts. thKQSI1VKS


We are returning to Dynamic Earth on Wednesday, 28th February for a space experience at the fabulous ‘Show dome’. aliens-martians-cartoon-illustration-three-funny-comic-characters-31670979 and are hoping to follow up with Drama and role-play back in class.

apple-ipad-2-review-hands-on-10In ICT, Our P7 buddies are planning to help us create a file on the Ipads called ‘Book Creator’ that will display information we gained throughout our space project!

th7EDE1D8SIn technology we will be producing models at home and at school to help us to imagine and understand our solar system and its planets. solar-system


In writing we are learning about writing instructions with Mrs Speedie.

We are extremely excited about the opportunity to return to our Mid City ‘Butterfly Square’ in the centre of a local worksite that some of us have been involved with over a year now. Some of us will go back and see the display we created and plants we have sown! cropped-busy-bee-logo




January update

thUFUO82OGHi and thfor checking in on us!

We had a great time at our trip to Dynamic Earth this week and found out lots about

cartoon_earth_sun_and_moon_by_hanime128-d56jalg our solar system.


We also had an amazing time on Roberts Burns day. We had the opportunity to take part in various activities such us poetry, charcoal art and ceilidh dancing.


P1 parents please see more photos of your child and their progress whenLearning journals - Log in button



Thank you as always for your ongoing support with homework. Please remember weekly maths and numeracy homework on Education City logo