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Fantastic Friday in Primary 2, 15th January

We have reached the end of the week!

Thank you all for your work and efforts and especially those of you who have been in contact with Mrs Aylward. I love to see what you’ve been up to and thank you to everyone for trying their best.

Welcome to our first

and a big welcome to Daniel who has joined our class this week and has been working hard from home.

I know all the boys and girls in Primary 2 will be really excited to meet and play with you when we are back at school, Daniel!

A thank you to all the boys and girls who have been working from the blog, on Active Learn and Education City or having Mum or Dad email me work. I have seen lots of you working away from home and I want you to know I appreciate your efforts.

Let’s share some Super Working

I was happy to see people being active in different ways this week!
Thank you to Jack, Eliska and Neki for sharing these with me!

I was really impressed with all the different ways people worked to answer their maths questions and with the different things people did in their topic and literacy work. Remember, you don’t need to print out paper if you prefer to use your jotters or you can even send in some answers in an email too!

Angelos, Arwa, Eliska, Ali, Sariah and Jack impressed me with their work and effort in their story summaries of different fairy tales this week! I loved seeing extra details about your chosen story or you efforts in your writing.

I have loved seeing your sounds work and effort this week! I am also proud of how well many boys and girls are working to be more independent in their writing and spelling. I also appreciate how much effort boys and girls were putting into their spelling tasks, like Mehtap, Sariah, Eliska, Daniel, Arwa, Thomas and Ali. You were working well to write down your sounds and to think of some fantastic sounds words!
I have been really impressed by some of the sounds sentences I have seen this week, especially from Eliska and Arwa, who were both working to add more detail to their sentences or really thinking about the words they used.

Here we have people measuring a range of different lengths (such as width, height or length) using different object and also comparing different objects and different lengths. Thank you to Neki, Thomas, Jack, Mehtap and Eliska for these examples!

It was fabulous to see all the ways people choose to do their work or answer questions. Down below are examples of different ways people did their work in our Maths and Numeracy. A few people even included their estimates before they answered the questions and some people also used ‘half‘ in their answers! Well done to Jack, Arwa, Eliska, Ali, Frankie, Sariah and Daniel for all this work. I also saw these measure word posters for length – I really liked seeing what you came up with and thank you for sharing them with me!

People have been working hard on their topics this week! Our Continent topic tasks are proving to be very popular with a range of the choices offered being picked this week. Well done to Dhruv, Arwa, Jack for their traditional dress work, a super well done to Jack for his work on making flags from Europe in Play-Doh. Well done to Arwa for your your mapping work and Eliska for your mapping, flag and European animal work!

People also had a range of ways to show me how they put the Jewish Creation Story back in order. Thank you Ali, Eliska and Jack for these.

Last but not least in showing off work this week, thank you to everyone for your New Year Resolutions work and for sharing things you enjoyed over the holiday. Thank you Thomas, Eliska, Jack, Neki and Frankie for sharing your work on these tasks. I really liked how much thinking you were showing in your answers.

I hope you’ve been as inspired by these pieces of work as I have been this week Primary 2! I am delighted to have seen this and more from you all, keep up the super work and effort!

Finally, let’s move to…

Star of the Week

Congratulations to


for being our Star of the Week this week for

his efforts, creativity and enthusiasm in his work.

And finally, a big round of applause to everyone in Primary 2 who has been trying their best and working hard from home this week.

Have a lovely weekend all and I look forward to seeing you on Monday! I look forward to being able to start to have some chats with you next week too! Stay tuned to the blog during the week to keep up-to-date.

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward

Primary 2 Friday 15th January

We come to Friday and the end of the week!

Here’s the timetable for Friday:

Here are links to today’s work in more detail in PDF and Word format:

PDF format:

Word format:

Resources links:

P.E. with Joe

JASS explained

JASS – My Interests

ERIC – Suggested Story

JASS – Get Active, Stay Active

For more information on JASS you can look through their website:

Remember, you’ll need to show something of what you have done for both the My Interests and Get Active, Stay Active work. You DO NOT need to finish this today but we need to see what you have done for each section to be able to award any certificates.

There are lots of ways to show your work on what interests you.

You can write and draw, make collages or models, take photos or make videos as some ways to show what you’ve done. Mrs Aylward made this fact file about cats as an example of something you could make.

I look forward to seeing what you share with me when you are done!

Thursday Assembly January 14th 2021

Hello and welcome to a very rainy Thursday in Edinburgh. I made my assembly last night – sitting in my house watching the snow fall! It was still there this morning when I left for school.

P.S any funny noises in the background are my 4 cats trying to get in on the action! Hope you enjoy it!

Stay safe

Primary 2 Thursday 14th January

We come to Thursday this week! Here’s today’s timetable:

Here are the links to today’s work in more detail in PDF and word format:

PDF format:

Word format:

Every Friday we will be sharing WOW work on the blog. Make sure to email work by noon (12:00) on Thursday if you want it included! Please write in the subject who it is for and from e.g. For Mrs Aylward from Oreo.

Resource links:

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Sonic the Hedgehog

Maths: here’s a video about reading ‘scales’

Maths activities:

Suggested story – The Old Toy Room

Literacy – warm-up spelling SWAY

Literacy – retelling stories SWAY

Spanish active song video for greetings

Spanish song video for saying your name

Building Resilience links – introductory video

Optional online certificate creator

Primary 2 Wednesday 13th January

Thank you to everyone working hard at home and trying your best! Thank you to everyone who has been sending in work to show me, I am always happy to see what you’ve done or have been up to! I am really looking forward to sharing some super work on Friday already!

The plan for today is as follows:

Here are the links to today’s work in more detail in PDF and word format:

PDF format:

Word format:

Useful links for today’s work:

Watch PE with Jo –


Counting forwards and backwards grid (document links are available on Monday’s post)

Maths questions to answer – you do not need to print these to answer the questions but links are available under the images

Can you draw something to answer the questions?

Measuring with objects

Suggested story:


Sounds review with tasks:

Active Learn

Reading Mary and the Twelve Months:


P2 Continent Grid:

PDF format:

Word format:

Please do continue to contact me to show off your working and don’t hesitate to ask questions about any of the set work. If you are having issues accessing any of these resources, contact us through the admin email ( ASAP.