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It is hard to believe the end of the session 2019/20 has arrived! It has certainly been unprecedented and we have all had to learn new skills, new ways of doing even every day tasks and adjust to a different way of living.

So here is a little virtual end of session WOW Wednesday that I hope you will all enjoy!

Zoo trip!

Hello all, please feel free to join us today as we go on a virtual trip to the zoo!
You should already have access to Zoo trip guide for today so feel free to join at your leisure and to add comments on this post as you work through our tour.

This post will be updated at the times for each stop, so we will begin at 9 a.m.
Alternatively, you may wish to follow along on Twitter so please check in via the Primary 2 class Twitter account.


It’s 9 a.m. so let’s get on the bus! Can you share some of your favourite music with us? Take 10 mins to have a sing and dance!



Before we set off, it costs money to enter the zoo. We are having a virtual tour which is free. We need to know where we are going! We are visiting: the pandas, penguins, the tigers and lions and the koalas. You will also get to visit some other animals today but do join us on our tour!
Here’s a link to the some maps for the zoo:

Have a look at the zoo’s full map. You can download a pdf or explore it online at the link:

  • Can you find out how much it costs for an adult or a child to enter the zoo?
  • Some of the class blogs have a challenge question or two about entering the zoo in their zoo guide, can you answer them?
  • Can you find some of our tour animals on the interactive map?
  • Can you name another animal on the map that we aren’t visiting as a class today?
  • Do you have your masks with you? If so, can you share them with us via Twitter or send in a photo?




We are off to see the pandas! Watch the live webcam of the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo by following the link:

Here is another video so you can see some pandas if the Edinburgh ones are sleeping or not on camera:

Post any fun facts you’ve learned!



healthy drinks

We normally have snack now, so don’t forget to have something to eat and a drink!




We are off to see the penguins!

Watch the live webcam of the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo by following the link. You can also check out the rockhopper penguins on their live webcam.

Here is another video so you can definitely see some penguins if the Edinburgh ones are sleeping or not on camera.

Post any fun facts you’ve learned to share with the class!



We are off to see the tigers and lions!

Watch the live webcam of the tigers and lions at Edinburgh Zoo by following the links.

Here’s another video of tigers and of lion cubs so you can definitely see some animals if the Edinburgh ones are sleeping.

Post any fun facts you’ve learned!
Can you find out 3 things tigers love to eat? What about lions?




We stop now for lunch. Please join us again at 12.45!

You might want to look at some of the extra activities available on your class blogs such as the Zoo Grid or you might want to share more music and songs with us!
Please do feel free to comment below.




It’s time for us to visit the koalas!

Watch the live webcam of the koalas at Edinburgh Zoo by following the link. This is another video so you can definitely see some koalas.

Keep posting any fun facts you’ve learned!




You now have some free time to visit your favourite animal! heart emoj

There are a range of animals below for you to choose from: – wolf pups – sun bear – sloth – lynx – sea lions – tortoise – polar bear – elephant – hippo

Please comment on what you watched and why and if you looked at animals or creatures not on this this!


We are now on our last activity of the day!

Comment on your class blog or Twitter to share what has been your highlight of the day!
Even if you are touring at your own pace or at a different time, we would love to hear what you have to say.

Don’t forget to send in any work to your teacher that you want to share for our MEGA WOW Wednesday!

We hope you all enjoyed the trip!



Moving on into P3

Here is an easy read information story about the Primary 2 class next year. You might like to share it with your child and re read it as the return to school gets closer in August. You will also find a ‘frequently Asked Questions’ Sheet on The Head Teacher’s Blog and an invitation to send any questions your child has in the comments box or to and we will try to answer them as soon as we can.

Here is a visual guide


A HUGE h ello and

89E7D29F-0B6B-4EFA-8F40-2D276D3A3B66 from Ms.Brunner!

I am delighted to welcome you to P3 and very excited to be working with you and getting to know you better in August!

Here are some photos taken in your new P3 classroom:

It would be lovely to hear from you before the end of the week. Hopefully you will take part and enjoy some of this week’s activities on offer!

Please find attached some of the suggestions:

moving on 2020-21

Already looking forward to receiving your photos and messages via 

There are many fun activities planned for this week! This is what you will need:

End of Term Grid June 21

End of Term Grid June 21

Virtual Zoo Trip!

12 – Zoo trip Guide

Animal Masks

label penguin





WOW Wednesday P2

Welcome again to



line of stars

A quiet week before the end of term, please enjoy the work we share below. Please do think about sending in some *extra special* work, or the work you are proudest of, from this school year for next week’s finale!

House Certificates

This week House Point Certificates went out to…

🌠Theo and 🌠Colin



Well done!

I am delighted to see that Primary 2 have been earning House Certificates across the class each week!

Shout outs for online working:

Shout outs to:

Oscar, Xavier, Lynda, Colin, Aron, Doruk, Theo, Omer, Ateeqeh, Natalia, Aaniya, Gumana, Bertie and Ilgin!

for being busy online on Education City or Active Learn (or both!) this week.

Shout outs for sharing work:

The first 3 Stars and a Wish came in from Colin this week! Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to seeing more of these.

3 stars and a wish

Theo and Colin showed off their bubble art and model making respectively:

Next we have Ilgin, Doruk and Colin working hard on their fractions and showing these on shapes:

Next Colin shows us his cross word work, his work on Roman numerals and some fantastic sentences with a focus on handwriting

Colin already found things for the Sound Scavenger Hunt! Did you find similar objects or something else?

sound scavenger hunt 1


WELL DONE to those who have gotten House Certificates or other Shout outs for their work!


applause  👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

The last cards for this term should be sent out ahead of next week’s MEGA WOW Wednesday celebrations on the blog.

Please show me something you’d love to share for next week, something you are proud of and want to show off.

Don’t be afraid to comment on this blog or to share work on our class Twitter!

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward