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Welcome, Primary 2!


Goldie enjoying a book.

 We have been very busy these last few weeks settling into Primary 2 and it is already September!

Here we will post updates of some of our many adventures and homework information can be found here too. We have already sent home a sheet for you to complete together.

As we are now a couple of weeks into the school year – please ensure your child has indoor shoes and a gym kit for school if you have not sent these in already. P.E. will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As we can be going outside for curricular activities please ensure your child has appropriate footwear and a coat each day. A water bottle is also very useful to have especially when we need to decant from the classroom when the building works reach us.

Homework zippy bags and any reading books should be returned in preparation for a gentle start to homework (reading only) next week. A replacement zippy bag can be acquired but will need to be paid for.

When homework is handed out (on a Monday) it should come back into school on the Thursday of the same week.



P2 Homework 9th September 2019

Homework starts this week. This week’s focus is reading

Ensure that your child’s reading book comes in each day for reading groups.

Each night try some of these activities  (no more than about 10 minutes each night):

  • talk with your child about the cover of the book : who will be in the story, where are they, what do they think it might be about ?
  • Can they tell you their own  story from the pictures in the book?
  • You could read the book to them – was their story like the book? Maybe it was better!
  • Ask them to read it to you, be ready to support them to use all the clues in the pictures and letter sounds as they read.

Please put any comments in the Reading Record  for Thursday. You might share any tricky words or just let us know how well your child did!

Remember to enjoy spending this time sharing a book with your child!

Seasonal Show 2018

Here are the sing-along video tracks for the winter show.

Remember, the performance is on Monday 17th December (to the children) and Tuesday 18th December (to family and friends).

We will be practising lots at school however we recommend singing them as much as you can at home.

Happy Singing!

Song 1 – Hanukkah, Hanukkah:

Song 2 – I’m a little Diya (this is the backing track link, we are not using the lyrics but the tune for ‘I’m a Little Teapot’):

Song 3 – It’s Christmas Day:

Song 4 – Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer: 


Song 5 – We Wish You a Merry Christmas  (Acapella – just our voices)



May highlights in P1/2


Just a few things we have been up to…

drama games with the untitled

Interactive whiteboard games to practise th

various spelling games (hangman, in-jumbling, etc.) to consolidate tricky words

making the most of the untitledand enjoying athletics on our playground!

Science show – day and night


sequencing numbers and playing games to 20


After lots of experimenting we managed to collaboratively build a step th


Busy checking for symmetrical shapes!