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Happy New Year Primary 4!

I hope you had a great break and everyone is ready for the new term!

This term our learners in Primary 4 will also be provided with some Maths home learning apart from the weekly library book and the task with it.

Please, do not feel that there is any pressure for this to be completed all in one day or during the weekend, as said on previous posts on this matter, just complete the tasks when it suits best, as every household has different circumstances.

The first Maths home learning grid for this term will be to reinforce the Mental Agility from last term, numbers before and after. This is an opportunity to build up the confidence in this area that links to skip counting, subtraction and addition!

Keep an eye on the blog for future events or important dates!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mr Dominguez.

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Lit In Colour winners

Royal Mile Primary School were the winners of a competition run by Lit In Colour. Lit In Colour was created in 2020 by Penguin Books, and their aim was to find ways to support schools to introduce more books by people of colour into the classroom, for all ages.

We received a lovely collection of books for each class, written by authors of colour and many featuring diverse characters.

Here are some photos of our children enjoying them.

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for everyone helping and attending Royal Mile’s fantastic

It was a great success and everyone seemed to have a super time!

Primary 6 would like you to know that we have a lot more homemade


we would like to offer at break and lunch on Monday and Thursday next week for ONLY


See you at our crafty stall! Thanks again!

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Happy weekend!

Hello Primary 4 families! Just wanted to share some of our learning in Primary 4 in the last few weeks!

As we know, we have been learning about WWI! Primary 4 have really enjoyed learning about The Great War and all the activities linked to the topic! Our latest piece of work was to research about animals in WWI and how they helped during difficult times; then we have made our own medals to thank the Animal War Heroes!

We have also developed our knowledge of fractions further and applied it to some outdoor learning!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Not long until the Christmas holidays!!

Mr Dominguez.