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Tuck Shop

From MONDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2020 we will be selling tuck at the school office between 9 – 9.15am daily.

Every item will cost 50p and exact change would be great. We have risk assessed and will choose only individually wrapped items or fruit with an easy peel skin. Where possible we will buy our stock from Edinburgh Food Initiative which is a community social enterprise.

These labels show the ingredients and warnings so please ensure that you advise your child as well. We will be aware of dietary requirements as well.

The pupil council will be asking for suggestions for stock going forward as well.

Friday Fun Day!

FUNdraiser from Pupil Council for Children in Need!

There will be prizes for the funniest and most inventive costumes, traditional guising fun and some treats from the Parent Council.

For your information the treats (which have been quarantined and will be handed out in bags) being offered are:

if you do not wish your child to have any treats please tell us otherwise we will just follow any dietary information we have. If you wish to send an alternative treat please let the class teacher know.

we have spare costumes to lend or make – so please don’t buy anything especially and be very careful of the safety labels in any costumes you purchase!

Happy Friday!!

Snack – Just 1 healthy item Please!!

At the moment, pupils are eating their snack after play time in the classroom. In previous years, pupils would eat their snack outside during morning break-time. This keeps our classrooms tidy. Break-time lasts 15 minutes and we want most of this time to be playing, rather than eating.

To help your child prepare for this return, please can you make sure your child has one item for snack that they would be able to carry outside with them. This should ideally be one an item of fruit and something they can eat quickly. Thank you! 😊

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