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Summer activities for English Learners

Here are some summer activities for children. They can practise English language skills in a fun way through activities which are open to all children. They can meet other children, make new friends and develop English language skills – it’s the holidays!

Health Week 2021

Hello and welcome to health week 21.

We hope you all have a lovely week and the weather stays dry.

We have a number of competitions and challenges going on .Good Luck to you all.

Try to bring a healthy snack each day.

Homework this week is all about how we look after ourselves physically, emotionally and socially.

How many of the squares can we colour in .

If you can’t open the word version above then please try the PDF below.

Royal Mile Art Gallery 2021

On the 1st of April (next Thursday) we shall launch the online Art Gallery for 2021. All the classes and in particular, the Art Reps have been working really hard to help prepare the Art Gallery this year.

To help you feel even more excited about it, below are a selection of the posters to advertise our Art Gallery this year, created  by our very talented Art Reps!

Primary 7
Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 5