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November excitements


Here are some of the things we have been up to recently…


th for all the amazing homework effort! Most classes came to visit our CELTS EXHIBITION! We received outstanding feedback which we would like to show off at the learning fair on the 25th November!

  1. Working hard on ‘number of the day’ – thinking of number before and after, place value, tally marks, rounding, addition and subtraction, ten more or less than, money etc
  2. As well as working on equal groups -collaboratively challenging each other:      ‘How many groups? How many in each group? How many altogether?’

Becoming aware of lots of different festivals and celebrations and enjoying various arts and craft activities!

Who said spelling isn’t fun? th

Roman army – turtle and V battle formation th




P5 Update

We celebrated poetry day with poet Sally Crabtree. We created some songs, edible poems and magic rings that help us to write amazing poems. Most importantly we used our creativity learning power.

As part of our Make £5 grow Virgin Money Project, we pitched our business idea to visitors from Citibank. They gave us constructive feedback to further support our business venture. 

As part of outdoor learning, we investigated shape, angles and measurement at the Scottish parliament. We were able to find a variety of shapes and angles on the parliament building. We used this information to create a fact file. 

We worked collaboratively to produce a piece of art work that represents our city. We liked the style of Rob Hain and investigated how he uses colour and how he represents buildings. We used a bit of this and a bit of our own creativity. Everyone contributed. 


We participated in a health and wellbeing craft morning. We enjoyed making some seasonal crafts. 


We have started learning about the Georgians. We have been designing Georgian style wigs with ICT. 


Thank you for looking!

SEAL Support and Information Sharing for Families


It was great to see so many parents and carers at the information session on Wednesday 6th November. I hope you found it helpful and you left with lots of ideas about how to support and encourage your child at home.

Even if you were unable to attend, I hope you might get some ideas about some activities and games useful to consolidate learning from these pictures of ideas we talked about on the day!

Please don’t hesitate to ask your child’s class teacher or Ms.Brunner if you have any questions or concerns.

Support with homework in school is available at a drop in session on Wednesday lunchtimes and at Canongate Youth Project fro P3 – P7 on Wednesday evenings.

Please let us know if you would like other support and information sessions for maths or any other area of the curriculum!

Please use the form below or email   THANK YOU



RSHP and Anti-Bullying Week

Dear Parents and Carers,

Primary 2, along with the rest of the school, will be looking at aspects of RSHP this term and as part of Anti-bullying week we will be focusing on Respect for others and the importance of being kind.

Over the course of the year, we intend to cover:

  • What makes them unique
  • Families, and how all our families are different
  • The different adults who might care for children – like teachers, support staff in
    school or medical staff
  • Making and having friends
  • Respect for others and the importance of being kind
  • Making choices and decisions
  • Looking after their body and keeping clean
  • What behaviour is okay in public and what is okay in private (for example pulling
    pants up before leaving the bathroom)
  • Making and having friends

You have already received by email a summary of the first level programme and can access the website from home:, at any time to view all the materials and information.

For further details, please read the attached leaflet: