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Remembrance in P7

As part of our topic on World Wars and in preparation for Remembrance Sunday, Primary 7 went across to Canongate Kirk this morning. Many families had commemorated the soldiers who did not return on their family gravestone, where P7 laid wreaths.  The story of WWI was retold to them through innovative story telling, which held them spellbound. In the pews, there are fibre glass silhouettes of those members of the congregation who lost their lives and a small article explaining who they were.




Outdoor Classroom Day in P3

As part of the National(and global)  initiative to encourage play and learning in the outdoors, P3 went outside on the 1st of November to create maps of our playground.

We are thinking about the features we can see in our playground and how these might look like on a map!

We will continue to look at maps this month as we look into ‘Secret Edinburgh’ as part of our Scottish focus this month!