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Have a great Summer!

Dear LC1 and LC2 children,

Today is the last day of school. Afterย  this difficult and unusual year…

the Summer holidays are officially here!

Have a lovely time everyone, relax, have fun, eat ice-creams, play games and enjoy the sunshine (when it comes).

Be kind to yourself and to people around you and do whatever makes you happy!


Remember to keep healthy and stay save!

See you all after the SummerHappy_smiley_face

Best wishes from

Mrs Machowiak, Mrs Rush, Mrs Casey, Ms Porteous, Mr Macpherson



Thank you P1!

P1 Word CloudDear Primary 1,

It is the end of the school year, but your journey is just beginning! When you come back, you will be a Primary 2 pupil. How exciting! Thank you for joining our school, for the smiles and the adventures, but mostly thank you for being you!

Big thumbs up,

Miss Copeland

Letโ€™s look a back on our year together



Winnie the Pooh

Summer Holiday Time!

Dear Primary 2,

Firstly, there are no words to express how proudย I am of you all. We have come to the end of another school year though this has been a school year like no other.


I am so excited to see you again in August too as you move on and into Primary 3… Wow! Look at how time flies! I bet you will be taller!

Remember, if you don’t watch the video below, there is something important you need to do – have as much fun as you can!

Active Learn and Education City will not have any updated homework from me, but you should still be able to log in to both platforms over the summer if you want to. However, do go and play and have fun!

I also need to say:thank

I have loved teaching you!

Thank you for all your thoughts and messages over the year and especially for the messages and emails and tweets from you all since the school shut down.

When Mrs Macaulay and I were in tidying up Primary 2’s classroom, we were able to record a quick message. We will both miss you very much over the summer!

Below I’ve included a very small number of photos from across the year of a handful of the things we did together. I hope you see things and remember what we did and doing them! I’d love to see what you remember in the comments and I thank you again for all the wonderful memories!

*Virtual Hugs*
Mrs Aylward

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