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P5 Topic

We have started our new topic. We will be learning all about Africa. We had a chat about what we already know and we have been thinking about what we would like to find out. Here are some questions we would like answered this term:

  • How many countries are in Africa? Alexa
  • What is the population of Africa? Kayla
  • Why is it so hot in Africa? Stephen
  • What animals live there? Are they different to here? Stephen
  • Are any of the animals dangerous? Amie
  • What sorts of foods are popular in Africa? Miron
  • What minerals are in Africa? Where are the diamond mines? Miron
  • How long is the Nile? Rachele
  • Can you swim in the Nile? Iona
  • Is Christmas celebrated in Africa? Miron

We will be investigating and finding answers to these questions this term. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.



P5 Gymnastics

This term we have been taking part in fun-themed fitness on Thursdays and developing our gymnastics on a Friday.

So far we have worked on:

  • balancing
  • travelling
  • jumping

Today we used our creativity and combined these into sequences to present to each other for feedback.

Here are some action shots. Can you tell if we are in the middle of balancing, travelling or jumping?

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Burns Morning P2

A big thank you to everyone who came along for our Burns Morning and helped create a giant collaborative display of the famous poet himself! This was what we had pieced together by the end of the session and the completed display is now up for your viewing on your next visit! The Art GalleryBurns morning