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Hello again!

I hope you are well and are enjoying the lovely weather!

Feel good photo from Amelie:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely to hear from beaut Katie!


More splwork from Casey:

I am super impressed with your vocabulary practice!

You are very good at comparing number too compeven up to 4-digit numbers! clap

So pleased how much you are enjoying health!

KEEP touch


Wednesday Challenge


Our challenge today comes from Mrs Peoples. She needs us to help with some work for the new P1 pupils .


The nursery children have been encouraged to take part in the Edinburgh Bear Hunt as part of their transition work. One of the activities they are to complete is the Cosmic Kids yoga linked to the story – It would be great if the older boys and girls could join in too, you can find it here – Remember to share pictures with us!

Wow Wednesday

Good morning Primary Six! I hope you are all well and keeping occupied.

There have been so many things for Wow Wednesday this week it has been a struggle to remember them all!

First off could I say a massive thank you to all of you who are continuing to engage with your learning at home, whether that be through the weekly grids, online games and activities, the resources sent home at the end of school or through a project you have taken on yourself. I would also like to extend that thanks to all of the adults at home who have been working equally hard, juggling your own work with helping your children with theirs.

A second thank you to all those who have been sending examples of your learning in. It is fantastic to see what you have been doing at home! Even if you don’t want it to be shared on the blog, it is a great way to keep connected.

Another big thank you is to all of the parents and children I have managed to talk to on the phone. I hope that it has been helpful. Please remember if you have any worries or would like any additional resources please do get in touch.

The standard of the work I have seen this week has been absolutely fantastic! From Kanyarat’s Tudor fact file to Rayan’s story continuation; Nyah’s scratch project to Anwen’s paper aeroplane prototypes!

Below is a few examples of some of the fantastic work I have been sent this week.

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Finally have a look at this magic trick Nyah has created to share with the class. She has also created a fantastic scratch project and get inspired!

All the best!

Mr McPheely