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Primary 5 Learning Overview 7th of February

Spelling: I can spell words using the pattern ea. I can use my spelling words in context. 

Expressive Arts: I can create a display which reflects different cultures in an artistic way. I can demonstrate my understanding of respectful relationships in creative ways. I am starting to use perspective in my drawings. 

ICT/HWB: I can consider what advice I would give others about being safe online. I can discuss hypothetical situations and respectfully give my opinions. I can reflect on my knowledge of respectful relationships and apply this to my online self. I can discuss what a stereotype is. I understand that stereotypes are not always true. I am starting to consider how I think about things that I do not know much about. I can explain how to respectful to others. 

Maths: I can relate 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree angles to quarter, half, three quarters and whole turns. I can explain what clockwise and anti-clockwise means. I can relate compass points to these angles and turns. I can use this language to plan a journey. 

Numeracy: I can identify equivalent fractions. I can order fractions with different denominators. I can compare and order different fractions.  I can use a fraction wall to help me solve problems. I can recognise halves, quarters, fifths and tenths on a number line. I work with tenths and fifths. I am starting to understand how tenths and fifths relate to one another. 

Reading: I can answer questions on an unseen text. I can discuss the text with my peers. I am starting to infer meaning from what I have read. 

Writing: I can use excellent adjectives in my writing. I can use the literary features I have learnt to write a poem (alliteration, rhyme, simile). I can use the correct layout for a poem. I can share my work with the class. 

RME: I can discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan. I can explain the messages in the story. 

Social Studies: I can locate different cities and countries in an atlas. I am starting to use a key to show key features. I can explain where cities in Scotland are. I can name the continents and I am starting to learn the names of the oceans.