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Monday 14th September


We learn about maths topics alongside our SEAL (Arithmetic/number) learning. We are focusing on 2D and 3D shape at the moment.

Sorting 2D and 3D shapes (game requires Flash)

Feed the monster the correct shape –

What comes next in the shape pattern? –


There are 3 parts of literacy; reading, writing and listening/talking. This week we have been exercising our ears, matching sounds to picture. Here are some listening games you can play at home.

  1. Match the sound to the animal
  2. Which animal is behind the door?
  3. Match the sound to the animal to reveal a picture
  4. Match the cans that make the same sound
  5. Find the word that starts with the same sound

Match the letter

Can you pop the bubble which matches the letter?

(this game requires Flash)


“Read what I have written” was last week’s writing target. When writing, we first think about what we are about to write, we then try to write this down and finally, we read what we have written. This shows that we understand that we write so we can read, even if you don’t know how to spell something you just have a go!

We practised our letter formation using paint this week

Art and Science

We have been putting on our scientist hats and mixing colours together. We are learning that when you mix 2 colours together it makes a new colour.

We put one colour on each hand and then rubbed our hands together. Mixing 2 primary colours makes a secondary colour.

We mixed different coloured Play-dough to make new colours. We recorded what we found on the piece of paper.

We made a beautiful window display layering tissue paper of primary colours

Here is a fun colour mixing game you could play at home!

Outdoor Learning

We have been going outside on Tuesday afternoons with Mr Reed. Remember to always bring your coat to school as the weather is very changeable. You may wish to wear black or grey trousers on Tuesdays. This week we were learning some games and ball skills!

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills help us tie our shoe laces, put up our hair, zip up our coats, hold and write with pencils and cut with scissors. We like threading beans and letters, and using big tweezers in our busy learning time.

Have a lovely week! Miss Copeland

Primary 1 Blog, starting primary 1 2020

The Colour Monster, SEAL maths, scissors and the Book Box

The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster has 6 colour emotions. Yellow – Happiness, Pink – Love, Black – Fear, Blue – Sadness, Red – Anger and Green – Calm.

We have been experimenting adding black and white to these colours to see what happens. Can you go on a treasure hunt in your house and find something that is yellow, pink, black, blue, red and green? Click ‘reply’ to this post with what you have found, or email with the subject ‘For Miss Copeland’ if you wish to share a photo!

You can hear the story being read by clicking here.

SEAL maths

Baby Sea Lion Elephant Seal Clip Art - Clip Art Sea Lion, HD Png ...

No, not that kind of seal!

SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning) is a way of teaching maths which helps children’s mental agility. We teach this in very small groups to make sure that every child progresses.

We have been practising…

  • Counting forwards from 0 to 20
  • Counting backwards from 10 to 0

Can you play Counting Tennis at home? You need a partner for this number game. Alternate numbers and see how high you can count. “I say 1, you say 2, I say 3, you say 4…” Can you do it backwards too?

Try counting up to 20 with this fun action YouTube song!


We have been doing LOTS of cutting. Straight lines, curved lines, zig zags. We’ve chopped them all! Remembering to keep our thumbs up was this week’s target.

Pin on Fine Motor Fun

Here’s a tip you could try at home 😊✂️

The Book Box

Every Friday we visit our mini library, the Book Box. We can choose any book we like to take home. Bring them back on Friday to swap them for a new book.

Do you have any books you could donate to the Book Box? Please bring them to school in a plastic bag so we can quarantine them for 72 hours before sharing them with other pupils.

Best wishes, Miss Copeland

Primary 1 Blog, starting primary 1 2020

Hello and Welcome to Primary 1

Hello Everyone!

This week we start at 8:50am and finish school at 3pm every day except Friday when we finish at 11:55am.

A few things we are learning about…

Our Weekend

Every Monday we talk about what we have done ‘at the weekend’ (Saturday and Sunday, but we normally include after school on Friday too).

Try asking your child on the way to school if they can tell you their favourite thing they did at the weekend. If they can’t think of anything, you can remind them of some of the things they did.


The Colour Monster –

The Colour Monsters feelings are all jumbled up. Each feeling has a colour. Can you remember them?

Learning to use scissors and glue sticks

We will be cutting patterns and cutting and sticking various 2D shapes.

We have to be safe with scissors as they are sharp. We need to remember to only use a little bit of glue, and to unwind and put the lid on when we are finished. We need to look after the things in our class.

Class Wall Display

Our walls are looking very bare! Let’s work as a team to make a beautiful display.

The Book Box

It is the big blue cupboard that you can see from the pavement. Inside are lots of books that we can borrow and take home, just like a libraryRemember to bring them back on Friday so you can swap your books. 

Busy Bee Learning

This might look like ‘playing’, but we are investigating, imagining, working as a team, making friends, making mistakes, problem solving, practising and using new skills that the teacher has taught us.

Here are some things you might want to know:

Staff in Primary 1

Class Teacher – Miss Copeland

Pupil Support Assistant (PSA) – Mrs McGlashan

Support for Learning Teacher – Miss Finlayson (In class on a Monday Morning)

PE Kits – At the moment, we are not changing clothes for PE so please keep your PE kits at home. We will be doing outdoor learning so remember to bring a coat every day even if it looks like it is sunny 🙂 We might get muddy when we go outside as we like to explore!

Painting Aprons – We are not using painting aprons at school at the moment – this means your child may come home messy (but happy!). If you would like your child to wear an apron or old baggy top, please pop it in their school bag with their name on it.

Snack – ‘snack’ is one item of food, ideally fruit, that will give energy but that can be eaten quickly. If your child brings their own packed lunch, you might want to have a chat about which one thing will be their snack.

Please note:

Names in clothes – Please make sure all items that your child wears has their name in it, this includes indoor shoes, hats/gloves but especially jumpers! Their first name or initials in permanent marker/sharpie is perfect.

Going to the toilet – Your child needs to go to the toilet by themselves so please make sure they can pull down and up their bottoms by themselves. Elasticated bottoms are great. Girls  You may wish to have a chat at home about using locking toilet cubicle doors. Boys – In the boys toilets there is a large urinal and 1 toilet cubicle. You may wish to have a chat about how/when to use a urinal and locking toilet cubicle doors.

Indoor/outdoor shoes – Your child will keep a pair of ‘indoor shoes’ at school. They need to be able to change shoes by themselves. Velcro is great, laces are tricky.

Do you have any questions or updates? – Has your child said something that is puzzling you? Is there something you want to update us on? Due to social distancing, I can’t stay and chat outside so please pop these questions in an email… with the subject “For Miss Copeland”

Thank you!

Nursery Blog, starting primary 1 2020

Bear Hunt Week 2!

Hello everyone, another Monday is here! We hope you had a lovely weekend and Eid Mubarak to all of our families who have been celebrating this weekend.


Welcome to HEALTH WEEK! There will be no daily challenges this week but Miss Finlayson and Mr Madine have worked with our health committee to create a wonderful grid of healthy activities for you to join in with! You will find this just below here on the blog.

We also have week 2 of our BEAR HUNT EDINBURGH which has some extra activities for those who want to take part…Bear Hunt Week 2

As always please share what you have been up to at home. You can upload pictures to your child’s learning journal, email them to or tweet us @RMPSnursery We will share some of the fantastic work we have seen as part of WOW WEDNESDAY (on Wednesday!) 

Have a brilliant week – Mrs Peoples and the Early Years Team 🙂