Monday 14th September


We learn about maths topics alongside our SEAL (Arithmetic/number) learning. We are focusing on 2D and 3D shape at the moment.

Sorting 2D and 3D shapes (game requires Flash)

Feed the monster the correct shape –

What comes next in the shape pattern? –


There are 3 parts of literacy; reading, writing and listening/talking. This week we have been exercising our ears, matching sounds to picture. Here are some listening games you can play at home.

  1. Match the sound to the animal
  2. Which animal is behind the door?
  3. Match the sound to the animal to reveal a picture
  4. Match the cans that make the same sound
  5. Find the word that starts with the same sound

Match the letter

Can you pop the bubble which matches the letter?

(this game requires Flash)


“Read what I have written” was last week’s writing target. When writing, we first think about what we are about to write, we then try to write this down and finally, we read what we have written. This shows that we understand that we write so we can read, even if you don’t know how to spell something you just have a go!

We practised our letter formation using paint this week

Art and Science

We have been putting on our scientist hats and mixing colours together. We are learning that when you mix 2 colours together it makes a new colour.

We put one colour on each hand and then rubbed our hands together. Mixing 2 primary colours makes a secondary colour.

We mixed different coloured Play-dough to make new colours. We recorded what we found on the piece of paper.

We made a beautiful window display layering tissue paper of primary colours

Here is a fun colour mixing game you could play at home!

Outdoor Learning

We have been going outside on Tuesday afternoons with Mr Reed. Remember to always bring your coat to school as the weather is very changeable. You may wish to wear black or grey trousers on Tuesdays. This week we were learning some games and ball skills!

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills help us tie our shoe laces, put up our hair, zip up our coats, hold and write with pencils and cut with scissors. We like threading beans and letters, and using big tweezers in our busy learning time.

Have a lovely week! Miss Copeland