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Signs of Spring and a Return to School!

Mrs Masterton has been working her green fingered magic in the trough at the front door to add some spring colour to the school entrance.

We have also heard from the First Minister that P4 – 7 should return to school fully on 15th March! We can’t wait to welcome back these pupils in person.

If you require any school uniform items – please email and we will look them out for you to collect and try at home. A small donation is all we ask. We have some indoor shoes as well. Send us sizes in your email.

More information will go out soon with reminders about drop offs and pick ups etc. and booking school lunches.

However, it is still really important that we continue to look after each other and follow the rules. We’ve all worked so hard to get this far so don’t stop now. Even if you are out playing in the park now the weather is better remember to tell your adult where you are and stay 2m from any adults who don’t live in your household. It is also important to remember to stay safe crossing roads and make sure your family always know where you are and who you are with, don’t wander off with people you don’t know.

It will be so great to see everyone! Take care and see you soon!

An update….

I am sure you have all read the March newsletter and have seen that some staff teams have changed.

Mr Madine’s family are celebrating the addition of a new baby girl. Congratulations! Mrs Ho continues to teach P4 brilliantly, as well as teaching Chinese to upper school classes. We have been able to persuade Mr Karadimitriou (aka Mr K) to join us for the next wee while and provide support in Primary 3 and Language Class for staff flexible working and non contact times. We hope that these two teachers will stay with us for the rest of session sharing their expertise and enthusiasm with us.

We are also supporting some student placements in the next terms including teacher training and art therapy. We are always pleased to support a new cohort of learning and teaching professionals as they bring fresh ideas and perspectives into the school.

Stay safe and look after each other, Mrs Jessop

Lovely New Books- Challenging Stereotypes and Celebrating Our Rich Cultural Capital!

Here are just a few of the wonderful new books that we are adding to our class libraries. There is a mixture of fiction and non -fiction titles for all the classes, Early Years to Primary 7.

They celebrate the achievements of people from across the world and across time zones. They encourage our young people to have high aspirations and a growth mindset. They reflect the diversity and rich cultural capital of our school community and our school Vision, Values and Aims.

Look out for more information and ideas from our school Equalities Group as well as updates of our Equalities Policies and a chance to contribute to this important part of the life and work of the school.

Assembly 18th February 2021

Welcome to the first Assembly of this half term! Good to see you all back!

I hope you have enjoyed all the celebrations – Happy New Year and Shrove Tuesday included! As these all involve yummy food they were very popular at my house!

This week’s assembly does not have any Stars of The Week or House Certificates but I am sure there will be lots next week.

A little heads up – if you hear some mysterious noises or the sound drifts a little – you can blame my very naughty cat Tilly who wanted to sit on my nice cosy laptop!

**** PLEASE NOTE (Before the ECO Group shout at me) I meant to say ‘AVOID single use plastic bottles in the ‘What to Bring To School ‘ list. SORRY!!!