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Looking after our Health and Wellbeing in challenging Times

In all of our classrooms you can find displays that help us look after ourselves and others. They encourage us to be kind to ourselves and to others. They help us to be aware of how we are feeling and how others are feeling. They encourage us to find ways to regulate how we feel so we can talk about our own feelings and express them in a safe way.

Did you spot one of our SHANARRI Calamari in the pictures?

Look out on your child’s Class Blog for their displays and ask them about the different strategies and activities they are using to self regulate, maybe they can use them at home too.

Self regulation is tricky – even grown ups find it hard sometimes so we are very proud of our young people and how they are trying hard to use their words and find ways to help themselves deal with emotions!

Learning Heroes – are back!

There have been the sounds of swishing capes and rushing air all around the school as every class has shown off their ‘Learning Heroes’ displays!

In these first few weeks we have definitely been using our Resilience, Perseverance and Curiosity Heroes as we adjusted to life back at school in these new circumstances.

I think we should all feel super proud of our own superheroes – the staff, pupils and families of Royal Mile Primary School!

Very Important People

Today’s assembly was one of my most favourites of the year! It was a chance to see all of our Pupil Representatives! These are the young people who make such a difference to the life and work of the school!

You may remember that last year our Pupil Councillors started a campaign to improve our bathrooms – yesterday we had a visit from Property Care at CEC who came to look at the proposals and see what they could do! Fantastic!

this year’s elected pupil councillors so far……..

We also found out some more about JASS (Junior Award Scheme Scotland) and are really proud to announce we are the first school in Edinburgh who will be working for Awards from P1 to P7!

We already have lots of ideas about things we can do – we hope that all of our families will join in and support our young people as they earn their awards!

The four parts of the Award are:

Adventure -Your adventure should be an outdoor challenge where you need to work as part of a team with other young people.Some Examples Are:Learning new skills like hill walking and navigation.Taking part in a team game involving problem solving.Orienteering in the school playground.

Get Active, Stay Active -This section is about doing regular physical activity. This is something over and above core curriculum PE. Some Examples are:Walking / cyling to school everyday. -If you get the bus to school why don’t you leave
enough time so that you can get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and then walk the rest of the way to
school. If you school does the daily mile this would count towards Get Active, Stay Active.Any club, either at school or in your local community that offers regular physical activity. For example:
Rugby / football training, dancing, cheer leading, horse riding etc.Challenge yourself to go for a walk once a week and explore your local community.

My Interests -This section is about doing a hobby you enjoy and increasing you ability and/or knowledge. You can choose to do something new, or set targets for something you already enjoy doing. Some Examples Are:Research the history of your favourite sports team, player of athlete.Researching your favourite animal, for example doing a project on the

Me and My World -This is an opportunity to get involved in your community, helping with things you care about. Your project can be part of a team from your school, or something you do already.Some Examples Are: Maintaining a school or community garden.Helping younger children in your youth group.Volunteering at a retirement home.Fundraising for your favourite charity. Learning to play a musical instrument, or challenging yourself to improve.

You can find out more about JASS here

Learning Heroes!!

They are back! I am pleased to say that our very own super heroes are back in school helping us to be amazing learners – everyone using the power of YET as we find out and try out ways to learn and get smarter!

i am sure primary 7 will not mind me sharing this amazing display with you today!

I am looking forward to seeing every class’ display around school and shared with you all on the class blogs!


There are so many fantastic things happening in our school just now and that is all thanks to our amazing staff, children and families.

Our Parent Council have already met and started the ball rolling as they look at ways to support our school. We have ordered some fabby new planters for the front of the school and the classes will be startiing ‘greening’ us asap!!!!!

We have to say a huge thank you to everyone in our school community fro helping to keep us safe and sound. The increasing rate of infections is a worry so the fact that everyone is socially distancing, following the one way system and arriving at school at the right time is great. By working together we can keep each other safe!

Please look out for a survey – which we will send by paper and by email about access to wifi and devices ( by this we mean tablets, computers and even some game consoles) as we want to be super prepared fro anyone having to self isolate or any change in school attendance rules.

You may see staff wearing a face covering as we have been asked to do this whenever we are working within 1m of a young person fro longer than a few minutes. Children are welcome to wear a face covering at any time in school as long as they are able to take it off, store or dispose of it safely and without assistance.

Homework! Starts after the September weekend. The children have been practising in class – checking the Blog, logging in to our learning platforms and writing their answers on paper! Some families have not yet returned READING POCKETS, HOMEWORK FOLDERS! Please can we get them back by FRIDAY 18th SEPTEMBER – the reward for anyone who returns these is 3 HOUSEPOINTS!