The Colour Monster, SEAL maths, scissors and the Book Box

The Colour Monster

The Colour Monster has 6 colour emotions. Yellow – Happiness, Pink – Love, Black – Fear, Blue – Sadness, Red – Anger and Green – Calm.

We have been experimenting adding black and white to these colours to see what happens. Can you go on a treasure hunt in your house and find something that is yellow, pink, black, blue, red and green? Click ‘reply’ to this post with what you have found, or email with the subject ‘For Miss Copeland’ if you wish to share a photo!

You can hear the story being read by clicking here.

SEAL maths

Baby Sea Lion Elephant Seal Clip Art - Clip Art Sea Lion, HD Png ...

No, not that kind of seal!

SEAL (Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning) is a way of teaching maths which helps children’s mental agility. We teach this in very small groups to make sure that every child progresses.

We have been practising…

  • Counting forwards from 0 to 20
  • Counting backwards from 10 to 0

Can you play Counting Tennis at home? You need a partner for this number game. Alternate numbers and see how high you can count. “I say 1, you say 2, I say 3, you say 4…” Can you do it backwards too?

Try counting up to 20 with this fun action YouTube song!


We have been doing LOTS of cutting. Straight lines, curved lines, zig zags. We’ve chopped them all! Remembering to keep our thumbs up was this week’s target.

Pin on Fine Motor Fun

Here’s a tip you could try at home 😊✂️

The Book Box

Every Friday we visit our mini library, the Book Box. We can choose any book we like to take home. Bring them back on Friday to swap them for a new book.

Do you have any books you could donate to the Book Box? Please bring them to school in a plastic bag so we can quarantine them for 72 hours before sharing them with other pupils.

Best wishes, Miss Copeland