A couple of days….

Hello, I hope that you are all keeping well. It has been great to see so many people emailing in their pictures. We love seeing what you have been doing and admiring your work!

Just a little reminder that MONDAY 4th MAY is an In Service Day. The Royal Mile Staff will be spending this time virtually working together planning, reviewing and getting ready for this term and next session – whatever that may look like!!!

Then on FRIDAY 8th MAY it is the bank holiday to commemorate V.E. (Victory in Europe) Day. I am sure lots of you have seen the amazing Captain – now Colonel Tom – on the news and read about his fundraising for our NHS heroes. He will be celebrating V.E Day and V.J Day on August 15th as he served in Burma. There will be some activities in the grid next week about this international day.

Please remember next week is a short week. We will only be responding to emails Tuesday to Thursday and the Learning Grids will be shorter to reflect this.

Take care, be kind and stay safe, Mrs Jessop

2 thoughts on “A couple of days….

  1. Addis

    Amazing teacher I saw her activity every day Ms Broner she is teaching p1 and p3. Well done 👍 Number one


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