Just look at these bee in P3!

Thank you so much for getting in touch! Delighted to hear from you!

What super cheery art work!

thI wonder if you joined the challenge and tallied up all the rainbows near you? OIP

Fabulous work on moon phases too. I actually spotted venus in the night sky.

Sooooooo nice to hear you and your family are doing well too, Leila!

I am so glad the dice from the ‘READ WRITE COUNT’ bag are so helpful. What a great way to practice adding! dice

What a great acrostic poem too! Thank you so much for your letter!


star, Amelie has been super busy again!

Amelie has done an amazing job observing and recording the weather daily! weather

OIPfor working so hard on your reading and maths too!

It is so lovely for you to share your photos and successes! letter


Please find attached Rang-tan’s poster:


Please connect!!!


Looking forward to showing you a clip all about me next week !baby

Have a nice long, weekend!

3 thoughts on “Yipeee!

  1. Tj wilson

    Hi everyone

    I’m missing being at school hope everyones doing ok hope to be back playing at school and learning aswell

    Tj xx

    1. J.Brunner

      Thank you so much for getting in touch again! It is lovely to hear from you. I hope the posts and photos cheer you up. See you soon! MsBrunner


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