Proud teacher!

I may not be there to hi-5 you all but WOW! I have seen so many 100% scores on Education City. I am SO impressed and proud of you all!

Shout out to ⭐ Jack⭐ for sending in this brilliant Les Colores Spanish writing. ¡Muy bien! Jack has also been busy practising his tricky words on the penalty shoot-out tricky words game and got all of them right! Well done!

One of this week’s tasks was to discuss what a good friend says, does or thinks.

⭐ Dhruv ⭐ talked to his mum about his friend Neki, writing that he is ‘kind, cracks jokes and makes me laugh’. What a lovely way to end the week! Thank you for sending in this super photo.

Dhruv 4.28 Friend 2

Remember, house points have re-started!

I will be awarding them virtually and keeping a tally here, so don’t be shy about sending your work in.

The more I see the more points you might get!

NEXT WEEK – I have a slightly different task for your next week and it won’t be posted until Tuesday. BUT here are some super fun tasks from your Spanish teacher, Mrs Speedie, which can be completed on Monday if you so wish 👍

Click here to download your Spanish tasks

⭐Have a lovely long weekend!⭐

👍 Big thumbs up 👍

Miss Copeland

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