Friday’s Challenge

Today is our final tasks around the stories of What The Ladybird Heard and What The Ladybird Heard NEXT. We hope you have enjoyed them. These games are about instantly recognising numbers rather than counting – this is called subitising.

Subitising is taught in Primary 1 and I’m sure the boys and girls who are going to school in August will enjoy trying this. 

Friday What-the-ladybird-heard

You can also try other dice games over the weekend to practice this. If you have a printer at home you can try and use these, but if not don’t worry you can make your own!

Ladybird Count and Colour Dice Game

Dice with Spots

Dice with Numerals

Enjoy, and keep the wonderful pictures coming! You can tweet us @RMPSnursery or email and can reply to this post with just a ‘hello’ to let us know that you have seen it!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Peoples and the Early Years Team 🙂



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