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Very Important People

Today’s assembly was one of my most favourites of the year! It was a chance to see all of our Pupil Representatives! These are the young people who make such a difference to the life and work of the school!

You may remember that last year our Pupil Councillors started a campaign to improve our bathrooms – yesterday we had a visit from Property Care at CEC who came to look at the proposals and see what they could do! Fantastic!

this year’s elected pupil councillors so far……..

We also found out some more about JASS (Junior Award Scheme Scotland) and are really proud to announce we are the first school in Edinburgh who will be working for Awards from P1 to P7!

We already have lots of ideas about things we can do – we hope that all of our families will join in and support our young people as they earn their awards!

The four parts of the Award are:

Adventure -Your adventure should be an outdoor challenge where you need to work as part of a team with other young people.Some Examples Are:Learning new skills like hill walking and navigation.Taking part in a team game involving problem solving.Orienteering in the school playground.

Get Active, Stay Active -This section is about doing regular physical activity. This is something over and above core curriculum PE. Some Examples are:Walking / cyling to school everyday. -If you get the bus to school why don’t you leave
enough time so that you can get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and then walk the rest of the way to
school. If you school does the daily mile this would count towards Get Active, Stay Active.Any club, either at school or in your local community that offers regular physical activity. For example:
Rugby / football training, dancing, cheer leading, horse riding etc.Challenge yourself to go for a walk once a week and explore your local community.

My Interests -This section is about doing a hobby you enjoy and increasing you ability and/or knowledge. You can choose to do something new, or set targets for something you already enjoy doing. Some Examples Are:Research the history of your favourite sports team, player of athlete.Researching your favourite animal, for example doing a project on the

Me and My World -This is an opportunity to get involved in your community, helping with things you care about. Your project can be part of a team from your school, or something you do already.Some Examples Are: Maintaining a school or community garden.Helping younger children in your youth group.Volunteering at a retirement home.Fundraising for your favourite charity. Learning to play a musical instrument, or challenging yourself to improve.

You can find out more about JASS here https://www.jasschools.org.uk/