This Week in P2

This week in our Maths we were looking at doubling and we got to practise with some Education City games on the iPads for a short spell. We enjoyed seeing the Doubles Rap video again and we worked well to identify, match and create our own doubles this week!

In Literacy we have been looking at sounds and some of our letter formation to ensure what we write is clear. We have been working to remember to use finger spaces between words too. In our sounds, we have been working to read words in our games with our target sounds of ou and ow this week. We started to look over some tricky words too!

In our social studies topic, Our Community, we continued to look at places in our local community. We thought about the places we saw on our walk and what they are used for. We also thought about places in our neighbourhood that we didn’t see on the walk but that we know about. We are continuing to look at why we might have certain places in our local area, what they are used for and if we have been there before or not at all. Using what we knew and remembered about all these sorts of places we have started to make a super collage of these places in our classroom!

Our learning power work continues in Health and Wellbeing and we have had a real think about what
Curiosity (“I wonder…”),
Creativity (“What if I do it this different way…?”),
Collaboration (“This will be easier if we do it together!”),
Resilience (“I can get better if I keep practising!”, “Maybe it can be my go next time…”),
Reflection (“I am proud of this thing I did because...”)
and Independence (“I can get on with this myself!“)
look like over the last few weeks. We have started our display on these powerful tools for our learning and we will continue to think about, build our understanding of and reflect on these as we move on through the year.

We continue to look at our Ball Skills in P.E. this week. We have enjoyed working on our passing skills with both our feet and our hands and Mr Reid was introducing us to some tennis skills too!

We continue to look at some dance-a-longs for while we are waiting to wash our hands and Primary 2 wanted to share this one for this week!

Next week is Maths Week, so please look forward to seeing what we are up to! Please do check the blog on Tuesday that week for homework as it will be our first week of any official homework!