Housepoints are back!!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent me a joke – Julia in P4 sent me lots – and send one back to you!

‘My mum said I would never be able to make a car out of spaghetti! She was shocked when I drove PASTA! hahahahahaha

I have seen some fantastic pictures of arts and crafts people have been doing, and often using recycled materials like Anwen in P6. I have also enjoyed learning about orang-utan from Miss Brunner. In my garden just now we have a fox who visits and so I thought I would share this link to a story about Gaspard the Fox featuring Peter the Cat and social distancing. This link shows you how to make a Gaspard of your own


I have been so impressed that I think we need to start giving out VIRTUAL HOUSEPOINTS! This week i will be sending your teachers a list – I can only find the LAST CERTIFICATE you received so we’ll start from there. Your teachers will keep tally for you and – you can get your family to award you points for being SUPER AMAZING and helpful at home as well. We will send you certificates by email and you will hear us giving you a round of applause!!!

How Many Words Can You Make?

Like me you have probably been watching quite a bit of this – so now can you make words from the letters that spell television?

Let’s see who can make the most – you can email your list to I am sure there will be housepoints……

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