Late for Last Week and Early for Next!!

A very belated WELCOME BACK to school.

I am so sorry- I can’t believe the week passed so quickly.

I spent the first two days of term working at the new James Gillespie’s High School Hub. Royal Mile is just one of the 15 schools who are supporting Keyworker families at this Hub. Obviously I am already part of the most amazing Team – Team Royal Mile- but this Hub team is also very impressive and our staff are playing a major role in this.

I have to also mention the RMPS Team at Holyrood High School Hub, who are completely amazing as well. They are being lead by our new and fabulous


And then the rest of my week disappeared into the Technology Black hole!!!

I have been emailing and calling lots of our Royal Mile Family and checking that they can keep in touch with us.

There will be lots of important things happening this term – so it is really important we all keep in touch

If you are in contact with other Royal Mile Families please remind them to

check their emails and texts,

Tweet and Twitter with us,

leave comments on the blog and email us too!

Take care, Be Kind to each other and stay safe and well. Mrs Jessop

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