Summer Term 2020 at RMPS

Dear everyone,

I hope that you are well. I am missing all of you and we, the school staff team, are always thinking about you.

These certainly are unprecedented times and as we move forward into the final term of this academic year we are having to be inventive and creative in ways we never imagined!

The Royal Mile Staff have been amazing. We have followed some pretty sharp learning curves and done pretty well! I know you will join me in thanking our staff for the support they have been providing in person in the Hub schools and online in the Blogs and posts.

There are some really important life events coming up for our young people. Transitions from one year stage to the next for everyone. For our Primary 7 pupils that means moving on to High School and the move from nursery to primary school for younger children. We don’t know just now what that will look like but we are already planning and thinking about how we can make it as supportive and enjoyable as possible. These are important milestones and we will be marking them in some way. Something unique and special to Royal Mile just as every year!

We are also looking at reporting to you all at the end of session and what that will look like this year. We will be following the guidance of the Scottish Government, Education Scotland and City Of Edinburgh Council as we move forward with this.

It is very important that we all keep in touch and make sure we are able to be in contact. Please email and let us know if you change any of your details. If you are in touch with other families and they are not getting messages from us – maybe ask them to email us new addresses or telephone numbers to

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work together at this challenging time. Please take care, be kind to each other and stay safe and well.

Nicola Jessop

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