Wednesday at Benmore!

Hello again! We are currently filling out our reflection diaries after tea and another busy, fun-filled day.

‘I went mountain biking in the rain. I went caving which was very scary but also very fun. We are doing a quiz soon!’

‘In orienteering we had to go around these entire open fields to find different letters and words. We had to use a map. In gorge walking we had to climb a very fast-moving river and there were very scary parts. I liked it, it was amazing!’

‘I went gorge walking and I went down a pool slide and it was extremely fun. I got really wet and cold! I did the rope climbing. I was at first really scared to go to the top, but then I did it twice and I really enjoyed it! It was fantastic’

‘We did roping and forest walk. I got stuck in the mud and so did everyone else. Someone nearly lost their wellies in it!’

Tonight we have a quiz and then we are going to have a good night’s sleep before our last full day tomorrow!