Thursday at Benmore!

Our final day of activities and we made sure we made the most of it!

‘Today my first activity was gorge walking. So we went through a graveyard for some reason and in the grave yard there was a little staircase in to the river. We climbed really steep hills in the rivers and there were ropes to hang onto and stuff. It was very wet! There was this one part where the water was so deep it went up to my thigh! We went orienteering, so basically there was letters taped to the wall and we went in pairs and we had to use a map to find them. Then you had to put them in a certain order to make two words. There was little scanner things, little badges, we wore as a necklace and we put them against this thing and it beeped. We got another map and we had to go to every bit. There were tin cans and we had to put the badge on them until they beeped. It was really fun! The badges actually saved our time to see how fast we went. I also learned how to slip my snake into my hat! My last day was very fun and fantastic!’

‘We did orienteering and climbing. We first did the orienteering in the morning. Orienteering was good and required a lot of walking! I did the climbing course at the bottom because I don’t like heights. It was a challenge but eventually it was finished. The point was to help with communication in a team and teamwork.’

‘Today we went to the shore and walked on some rocks near the holy loch. It was really exciting and quite dangerous, so we had to wear helmets. At the end, they lined us all up and asked us if we wanted to jump in the loch. And being me and not thinking ahead, I said yes! I pure canon balled in! It was really exhilarating and quite scaring, because I’m actually very scared of deep water! This afternoon, we went up the gardens to this sight seeing bit, where we could see all the way to the village of Dunoon. We found shelter and made a fire, hot chocolate, ate pringles and chocolate fudge cake and then said good bye to our instructor Kath, because it was her last day. It was an amazing day!’

‘We did mountain biking and caving today. We did mountain biking in the morning when it was VERY cold. I don’t know how to ride a bike so I had to get a tandem bike with Jamie. It was very fun even though I didn’t get to control the bike but I did some of the pedalling. Highlights of this activity included me getting very muddy and very wet and crossing a river.

The first thing we did was take a mini bus to a very steep part of a mountain where we had to climb a very muddy and rather steep path up to the cave. Before we went in, we all got headlamps that we had to attach to our helmets and then they gave us a brief run down of how the cave looks.  There were two holes that lead to the cave, there was a triangular one and one that was higher up and looked rather narrow. We took the higher and narrower one where we had to duck down and walk along a little. With the help of Becky, we individually climbed up into the main part of the cave. There we waited for everyone and once we did, we had some hot chocolate and (I didn’t mention this in the mountain bike part but we actually collected to quartz crystals earlier) which we rubbed them together in the cave and turned off of headlamps to see the sparks. Once everyone had a turn with the two quartz crystals, Jamie, our instructor, went down the exit path and then again, individually we had to wiggle ourselves to him where he helped us onto a very narrow slide where we had to turn right to get out of the cave. Once everyone was out, including our instructors, we went down the same path and we crossed the road to Loch Eck and looked for a spot where we could set up a little fire and we put some marshmallows over it. When the bus arrived, we climbed into and headed back to Benmore centre. I’d say today was pretty exciting and caving is underrated!!’

Now it’s time for the disco! We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!