Tuesday at Benmore!

Good evening! What a day we’ve had! Some of us have canoed, some mountain biked, some gorge walked, and some rope climbed! The weather has smiled on us today and we’ve had some sunshine!

‘I really enjoyed the mountain biking because we reached a kind of beach where we were skimming stones and then we had hot chocolate.’

‘We went climbing on a really big climbing frame. In the middle of the climbing frame was a tower thing you had to climb and a tall pole and on the top was a platform and from that you could jump onto a trapeze! It was really high and really fun!’

‘First in the morning we had a tree top walk thing, where we balanced on a log up high and if we slipped, we were rescued by our safety harness. I was quite scared by it to be fair, I’ve never done it before. In the afternoon we did this forest adventure and there was a mini river. We went through a tunnel of rocks, then an even thinner tunnel of rocks. There was a muddy bit in the river and I went in it, deeper and deeper and then I was knee deep in the mud! I couldn’t move and I was stuck in the mud! I tried to get out and catapulted myself forward and only saved myself from complete immersion by throwing out my arm! I spent the rest of the time with a very muddy arm!’

‘First of all we went forest walking, then we made fire in the forest. After that we came back here, took off our wet suits and got ready. We had a meeting and then we got our hard hats and wetsuits on, then to the mini bus! Gorge walking is trying to walk up past a moving stream and waterfall for part of it! We also climbed up a hill to get to next part and we kept doing that. Climbing up the water cave was the best part and for everyone else, probably the water slide!’

‘Well today, I woke up and you know the normal stuff. The first activity was canoeing and I was terrified because I didn’t want to fall in the water and the boat was quite wobbly, it was really fun though! After that, we went biking! There was a lot of bumps and forests, I fell in the ditch! We threw some rocks in the river and then we cycled back. Me falling in the ditch was the highlight! (don’t worry, it didn’t hurt!!)’


As well as our adventures, we are working on being independent! We have a dorm inspection every morning after breakfast, as well as general house chores and we each take a turn setting the table for tea.

We are heading on a scavenger hunt soon, then off to bed! Catch up with us again tomorrow!