Eco Update

A few weeks ago, the eco committee at Royal Mile organised a ‘No Plastic Day’. The children were encouraged to bring in snacks in either reusable containers or snacks with no plastic packaging at all. At first, we did an eco-audit to see how much plastic rubbish we produce on a normal day and the results were scary!

But on ‘No Plastic Day’ we managed to cut down the amount of plastic waste that would go to landfill by an amazing 130 pieces, to just 33! We also found that on ‘No Plastic Day’ we produced 60 less pieces of rubbish in just one day! We were really happy with the results and the effort that people put in, at school and at home.

We would like to continue the no plastic effort by challenging students to carry on using reusable containers and bring in snacks without plastic packaging.

The eco committee has also been working hard at making sure that the plastic we do bring in can be recycled. We have put in a plastic recycling bin in the playground and have teamed up with a company who will recycle all of the crisp packets in our new crisp packet recycling bin. Please look out for the bins in the bottom playground and encourage your friends to use them.

Thank your for everyone’s help and contributions.

Eco committee