Primary 1 Blog

P1 – Friday 12th May

Pop Art

Primary 1 have begun a series of lessons inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art. Our first lesson focussed on a study of his images of Queen Elizabeth II and used what we learnt to create our own of King Charles III.


We have been working on comparing size and ordering these from shortest to tallest, smallest to biggest or lightest to heaviest.

We can use balance scales, non-standard units and some pupils have moved on to using rulers to measure.

Have a go at making your own balance scales at home by watching this video lesson Miss Copeland made during Lockdown!

Colin and Mrs D were measuring some very big dinosaurs outside using meter sticks and trundle wheels, and comparing with our hands and feet with the feet of dinosaurs!


After learning about the parts of the plants and what they need to grow, we conducted a quick experiment to find out if they really do take in water. After leaving the celery in inky water for 1 hour, we sliced it up and noticed how the coloured dye travelled up the stem of the celery!

Term 3 Learning Overview

Please see the document below to see what learning Primary 1 will be doing in their final term!