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Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back to Fantastic Friday where we showcase the amazing work and play done in the nursery each week. This week we continued to discuss people who help us. In the art corner we have been identifying and making our own road signs. We have also been experimenting in the water tray with what materials and objects can float; creating our own boats and rafts and examining what makes them sink and what keeps them afloat.

In the puzzle area we have been playing a fun uniform matching game. We are still enjoying the small world police station and roleplaying different scenarios in which the police can help us. In the construction area we have been transporting the police cars to create ramps and police stations and houses.

We have been very excited to see some of our cocoons have hatched and become butterflies which we released into the garden! We have been talking a lot about the life cycle of butterflies and have enjoyed seeing it in real life.

In the story corner there was lots of talk about camping so we created a campsite with a cosy tent and a small “campfire”. We used sticks and cotton wool to “toast marshmallows” on the “fire”.

To support our pre-schoolers who are moving up to Primary 1 after the summer, we have set up a classroom in the house corner, we have enjoyed dressing up in school uniforms and role-playing as teachers and pupils. We have also been reading lots of books about going to school.

We are very excited about our upcoming sports day and have been practicing all the races. We demonstrated some amazing athletic skills and brilliant team work! We look forward to joining our families at Dunbar’s close for our sports day on Thursday 26th June!

We hope you enjoy your weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday! Please continue to post photos on the Learning Journals of all the fun you get up to at home!