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Primary 2 -Week in Review

Welcome back to our Week in Review for Primary 2! Please bear with us while we work to share more of our work through photos again.

We have been exploring the ‘oi‘ sound pattern this week as part of our phonics and spelling work. This game is something you can use to compare and practise the ‘oi‘ and ‘oy‘ sounds pattern.

We have been working on our addition and subtraction skills this week, moving to focus more on subtraction and even looking at words used to describe subtraction. We have enjoyed playing some of the games from our assigned homework on Education City.

In our topic, Living Things, we started looking at life cycles and worked to show a life cycle including labels of the stages shown. We watched this video about animal life cycles and we looked at the life cycles of frogs and butterflies in more detail. You can find these below:

We have also started to look at animal habitats this week, thinking about different environments animals might live in as well as what sort of creatures might live in these places. We looked at several types of habitats but we will be moving onto focusing on some of these habitats that are near or around us such as urban, woodland or pond habitats.

A big well done and congratulations to our


for being a Confident Individual and Successful Learner in his efforts to speak up and contribute more in and out of class as well as his efforts in his literacy and numeracy this week!